How to Talk to God?

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In this Earth Spiritual Training School, all souls incarnating to Earth are training to become Co-Creator Gods. All souls choose whether to train to become a Co-Creator God or an Angel. Training to become a Co-Creator God is extremely difficult due to the many areas of discipline that demands complete mastery and conscious awareness in every moment. There is no time limit for a soul to ascend and move to the next level of soul development. It is out of love and appreciation for God that the soul’s most sincere desire is to be the BEST Co-Creator God ever in support of God’s Universe and the Oneness of Creation.

Before coming to Earth, the soul was guided by the Heart of God, like the other Nature Kingdoms of Creation. All souls are created in the image and likeness of God, but these God Characteristics are not activated until a soul comes to Earth. These God Characteristics are embedded in the soul’s Light Body in their raw form as Emotions. Through life experiences, the soul learns to discipline these raw emotions and transforms them into God’s Feelings, hate into love. When a soul comes to Earth, its Conscious Mind is activated so the soul can learn how to manifest like God.

In the initial stages of soul development, the soul has no wisdom in its Light Body, as knowledge is learned through life’s experiences, trial and error. The initial stage is the Ego Stage of soul development, where the soul is only concerned about self-gratification at the expense of others. Only through Karma, Universal Law of Cause and Effect, what you do to others, will be done unto you, that a soul learns to modify their behavior.

Spiritual Man Stage is the next stage of soul development. As a soul continues to modify their behavior, they become more intuitive, start to tune into various Universal Laws and become more consciously aware of the feelings of others. As the soul becomes more aware of the feelings of others and learns to take responsibility for their actions in life, the soul becomes more attuned to the metaphysical aspects of creation.

The benefits of meditation, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot Cards, prayer, and assistance from other more knowledgeable souls play a key role in the soul’s development.   As the soul continues to attune and discipline its practices to the metaphysical aspects of creation, the soul becomes aware of how their desires and dreams become realities. As the Universe is constantly expanding, so is the Conscious awareness of the soul is continuously growing. Soon the soul is no longer satisfied with the physical, sensual pleasures of this Spiritual Training School and looks for fulfillment of soul gratification.

The next stage of soul development is the Co-Creator God Stage. In the Co-Creator God Stage of soul development, all the soul’s karma lessons will be learned, all debts will be paid. The soul is spiritually aware of accepting these debts and forgiveness of self for their transgressions that created the Karma debt. The soul takes on the Consciousness of God, being loving in every moment and accepting others as they are, with no fears or unhealthy feelings of self or towards others.

God’s Consciousness has all wisdom. Each carnation a soul experience is for the sole purpose of learning wisdom. It does not matter what role a soul plays in each carnation but how the soul plays its part. In this Spiritual Training School, the soul has Free-will to pursue all avenues of possibilities in any subject area to learn wisdom. Having Free-will is a protection for the soul from interference in their spiritual development by any being without the soul’s consent.

Universal Mind connects to each soul in every moment. Universal Mind monitors the Karma created by the soul. What Universal Laws does the soul have to experience to learn the wisdom of these laws? Who does the soul have to synchronize with to bring their dreams and desires in manifestation?

Universal Mind knows what is in the heart and mind of each soul but will not interfere with the Free-will of the soul, except to orchestrate the soul’s training plan. Indoctrinating a soul to comply with religious obligations, ceremonies, or penance goes again the Free-will of the soul. These religious organizations promote fear to control Free-will of the soul. Through many incarnations, the soul learns wisdom through different genders, cultures, religions, responsibilities in roles and is taught false teachings camouflage as spiritual truths. The removal of these false teaching is necessary for the soul’s Light Body. The Prayer to Remove Emotional Parasites will immediately remove all fears, unhealthy thoughts of self or towards others.

God is constantly communicating with each soul in every moment. There is a frequency in the mind of each soul known as the God Frequency. However, the soul has not learned to attune to this God Frequency. The Ascension Master Program will assist the soul in learning the technique to discipline their thoughts and feeling in every moment. By doing so, the soul will learn to attune to the God Frequency. When tuning to the God Frequency, God will speak to you with one or two simple thoughts or an image in the mind’s eye, and the soul can reply with a word or two or a thought conveying what the soul needs assistance. The soul must ask for help before Universal Mind, spiritual teachers, Angels, and Archangels will be able to provide service.

In all physical and spiritual training schools, the teachers must be approachable. The spiritual teachers are in this Earth Spiritual Training School to assist the soul in training in becoming a Co-Creator God. There need to be NO RITUALs, NO long drawn out prayers, NO extraordinary penance, NO sleeping in caves for months; all that is required is for the soul to ask for assistance. These spiritual teachers already know what’s in your heart and what is desired by the soul. When approaching your spiritual teachers, the Angels, and even God, treat them as friends and have a heart-to-heart conversation with them.

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