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The Golden Ones teachings have taught how to remove fears, guilts, unloving judgmental thoughts and feelings towards self and others immediately from our Subconscious Mind and Light Body with the Prayer to Remove Emotional Parasites.  This Prayer is necessary to remove Emotional Parasites which influences the thinking of the soul and limits the soul from vibrating at a higher frequency, preventing the soul’s desires from becoming a reality.  This Prayer is necessary for the progression of the soul’s Spiritual Path in life.  It is a very simple process in immediately removing these negative feelings from the Light Body and Subconscious Mind.  As easy as deleting a picture off your cell phone.

On 22 December 2012, all souls on Earth entered the Golden Age.  The Golden Age is a time when souls no longer need to experience the birth-death-rebirth cycle, if the soul learns to

  1. Keep their physical body in an Alkaline environment.
  2. Keep their Light Body free of Fears and unhealthy Feelings by using the Prayer to Remove Emotional Parasites
  3. Using the Prayer of Protection to keep unwanted negative energies and entities from attaching to the soul and influencing their lifestyle and vibratory frequency.
  4. Discipline their thoughts and feelings by attuning to the God Frequency within their mind, explained in the Ascension Master Program.
  5. Finally, clearing the physical body at cellular level of all negative imprints, which are caused by transgressions against others, from all previous lives. The release of these negative imprints occurs when the soul is progressing on their final stage of soul development in taking responsibility as a Co-Creator Goddesses or God.  The release of these negative imprints will cause discomfort in the body known as Ascension Symptoms.
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Ascension Symptoms may show up in the body as a chronic condition, not able to be identified by doctors to a specific cause or may cause a condition to occur which requires medical attention to survive the Ascension Symptoms.

Consulting with a doctor may results in the identification of some hidden medical condition that needs to be identified and corrected for everlasting life.  There is no need to die in The Golden Age. It may cause gas in the body, especially in the 3rd Chakra, the Solar Plexus.  The release of these negative toxins is happening as the soul evolves in Co-Creator Goddess/God Consciousness, embraces their purpose in this Spiritual Training School and takes responsibilities for every thought, word, and action expressed by the soul. The gas will also affect the breathing, shortness of breath and difficulties in releasing a breath through the mouth.  As these negative imprints are released at cellular level within the body, they will cause a gas which needs to be released through the body. There may be a cough associated with the release of these negative imprint, but the cough can also be released with one series of prayers.

The prayer to release these Ascension Symptoms from these negative imprints at cellular level is similar to the prayer used in the Prayer to Remove Emotional Parasite, but must be repeated three times:

The left hand is positioned above the navel and the right hand on the heart.  The positioning of the hands is extremely important as the hands are being used to transfer the negative imprints from the Solar Plexus to the Heart for releasing of these negative energies.

Prayer to Release Ascension Symptoms

This Energy is not mine.  This Energy does not belong to me.  I release this Energy in Love, now and forever.  Amen. (3X)

There is no need to activate a FEELING to be removed as required in the Prayer to Remove Emotional Parasites.  The soul will experience the effects of the gases being release by the negative imprints or the coughing in the throat through the exhale of the breath on the third recital of the prayer.

There is a more powerful version of this Prayer to Release Ascension Symptoms. Since Earth is a Spiritual Training School, all soul evolved through the three (3) phases of soul development, The Egoic, The Spiritual Man, and The Co-Creator God stage and experiencing life through these stages, the soul created many transgressions against others.  Knowing we most likely murdered, stolen, abused, strangled, raped, and robbed others, forgiveness is the key to releasing these negative imprints at the cellular level.  The intent of this pray is to speed the collective cleansing of these transgression from the body.

The left hand is positioned above the navel and the right hand on the heart.  The hands are used to transfer negative energy from the Solar Plexus to the Heart Charka, releasing these negative imprints in Love from the Solar Plexus to the Heart Chakra.

Prayer to Release Collective Ascension Symptoms

Mother-Father God, we call into our presences all souls we transgressed against in all our previous carnations.

We surround these souls in a circle of light and an armor of Love, in which nothing can remain, and through which nothing can penetrate unlike Divine Love, and we ask for Forgiveness of our transgressions against these souls, as we forgive those who trespass against us.

The Mother-Father God frees these trapped negative imprints, taking them to the Mother-Father God for Light and Liberation, The Mother-Father God frees these negative imprints and frees this soul, and I Am accepts no reversal individually or collectively for the treatment of these energies and entities.   

This Energy is not mine; This Energy does not belong to me I release this Energy in Love and I AM accepting no reversal for the treatment of these Energies and entities. Amen.  (Recite 3 x’s)

We thank you in the name of the living God Consciousness.

Natural Diet

If you believe you are experience Ascension Symptoms, it is best if you align your body with natural foods.  Seafood, no meats, no bread, no alcohol, no sugar, sweets or artificial sugar, honey is acceptable.


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