Secret to Going to Sleep Quickly

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In this Earth Spiritual Training School, each soul coming to Earth has the gift of Free will, where the soul is free to experience everything in this sensual training school to learn wisdom. The soul’s Guardian Angel and their Spiritual Teachers cannot interfere without the soul asking for assistance. Prayer is how a soul asks for help.

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This quick detailed procedure guides you into a fast restful sleep.

  1. Lay flat on your back, cross your left ankle over your right ankle.
  2. Ask your Guardian Angel to allow you to sleep quickly without any fearful thoughts or dreams.
  3. Call into your presence a Loved One and visualize in your mind eye this person.
  4. Surround this loved one in a Circle of White Light and within a Red Heart of love.
  5. As you visualize your loved one in a Circle of White Light and a Red Heart of love, say these words:
    (Memorize this prayer)
Mother Goddess Father God, 
We surround (name of Loved One) in a Circle of Light and an Armor of Love,
In which nothing can remain and through which nothing can penetrate; unlike Divine Love itself,
The Mother Goddess Father God, frees this soul and release these energies and entities,
And I AM except no reversal individually or collectively for the treatment of these energies.

The name of your Love One can be anyone. Saying this healing prayer will relax your entire body, allowing your mind to drift off into sleep. For the maximum effect of this healing prayer, think about a person you might have trespassed against or who has trespassed against you.

As you finish this prayer, you will drift off to sleep.

Much Love and many Blessings,

Tim and The Golden Ones

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