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How does the Universal Mind orchestrate events like this? Synchronicity! Universal Mind uses synchronicity in bringing creations into manifestations. When a soul intends to create a manifestation, it must have all the right ingredients before Universal Mind brings the soul’s creation into reality. There must be an intent or motive; there must be a visualization of what the soul expects his creation will look like after the creation. There must be a feeling. The creation must align with Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order, and unity for all. It must always be free from fear or doubt, or else Universal Mind will reject it instantaneously. The reason for rejecting something immediately is the creating soul is in training to become a Co-Creator God, and God does not fear or doubt his creations.

Universal Mind communicates with each soul in every moment, coordinates with the soul’s subconscious mind in synchronizing the soul’s creations, and orchestrates the soul’s life experiences to develop wisdom, to repay karmic debt, to master Universal Laws and Principles, develop God’s Characteristics, and transmute raw emotions into God Feelings.

Here is the teaching by the Golden Ones relating to Universal Mind.  

“The Mind of God is Universal Mind. Universal Mind is in contact with every soul that is a Co-Creator God or a Co-Creator God in training. To have a connection with Universal Mind, you must have a conscious mind. All souls without a conscious mind relate to the Heart of God.”
“Souls who are training to be Co-Creator Gods feel the Heart of God as a Feeling, sensing a perception of what might happen, without having facts to substantiate their Feeling. The Heart of God will guide souls not in training to become Co-Creator Gods through guidance that feels like instinct. The Heart of God also guides all life forms on knowing what to eat, how to build a bird’s nest, where and when to migrate for the winter. Earth’s scientists refer to this as animal instincts. However, the Divine Purpose of this guidance by Mother Nature is orchestrated by the Heart of God.”

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