Free Will

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In this Spiritual Training School, the soul’s purpose is to master all aspects of God’s Consciousness in becoming a Co-Creator God.  Learning Wisdom determines the growth of the soul.   The soul is programmed to always be their BEST.  No other place in the Universe does a soul have Free Will.  All the Kingdoms of God are guided by the Heart of God.  The souls in preparing to become CO-Creator Gods must have Free Will to experience and know the wisdom of God.  Initially, the soul is searching to find what is good for their self, satisfying the Ego. 

In the early stages of soul development, the soul needs to experience what works and what does not work as they use their newly acquired God Characteristic capabilities in satisfying their sensual desires.  The soul is ignorant of their purpose while training to become a Co-Creator God.  The soul has Free Will in making decisions to satisfy all their sensual desires.  This is part of the training agenda in Earth’s Spiritual Training School.  The soul must learn how to create with their newly acquired Conscious Mind.  The soul will always have Free Will while in training to become a Co-Creator God.  

Through life’s experiences, the soul becomes aware of Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order, and unity for the good of ALL; but only after stealing, abusing, disrespecting, become lazy, undisciplined, and corrupt among other nongod like actions.  It is only until the soul receives retribution for their actions, that the soul learns to be mindful of their actions, only after they have been caught and punished.  This may take many incarnations for the soul to come to this realization.  Once the soul learns about the Universal Laws of Cause and Effect, the soul becomes more mindful of their respectful in dealing with others.

Free Will’s sole purpose is to allow the soul, through trial and error, to learn Wisdom.  The soul has Free Will to experience all sensual desires and the responsibilities associated with these life experiences.  Once a soul experiences the knowledge and learns the truth, Wisdom is acquired.  Once wisdom is learned and anchored into the Light Body of the soul, that knowledge never has to be learned again.  Eventually, the soul is guided by the wisdom they have acquired and the only Free Will the soul has to use is deciding to take the right action in every moment.

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