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The Lost Teachings of The Golden Ones

The Golden Ones are the Co-Creator Gods’ administrators of Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy Training School, sanctioned by the Galactic Council. They teach aspects and processes of Manifestation, using Conscious Mind, Subconscious Mind, interactions with Universal Mind, and connecting to the Heart and Mind of God. Their teachings greatly assist in the soul’s Ascension. All souls coming to Earth are here to train to become a Co-Creator God.

Prayer to Instantly Remove Fears and Unhealthy Feelings

The soul’s conscious mind can only think about one thought at a time.  The soul is not able to think about realizing their dreams and desires if consumed by fear or an unhealthy feeling of self or another. Fear causes the soul to vibrate at a low frequency. When the soul is joyful, the higher frequency vibration attracts positive elements to manifest dreams and desires.
Use this prayer to instantly remove unhealthy fears and feelings. All fears and unhealthy feelings are emotional parasites, and these parasites will attempt to convince you not to say this prayer and remove them. You only need to say this once for each unhealthy feeling as this technique will immediately remove the unhealthy feeling from your subconscious mind. 

Tim Doyle & The Golden Ones

Timothy is a spiritual teacher and guide who shares the channeled teachings of The Golden Ones based on Universal Laws and Principles of Harmony, Balance, Order, and Unity for the Greater Good. Tim is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Reiki Master, Certified Kundalini Instructor, and author.

To help spread the lost teachings of the Golden Ones, Tim has published 100s of videos on Youtube & Rumble that cover aspects of astrology, numerology, metaphysics, meditation and provides simple techniques and prayers to heal the soul. He works with individuals who really want to know: Who they are? Where did they come from? Why are they here on Earth? What is their purpose? What is the strategy to living in the NOW?

Get a free consultation with Tim to work on your spiritual challenges and improving your life’s experiences.

Train with Tim and The Golden Ones in this Earth Spiritual Training School is a membership program meant for helping you develop and perfect the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies in every moment on your path by integrating the wonderful, soul-enriching teachings of The Golden Ones.

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Astrology & Numerology

Astrology uses scientific knowledge about celestial bodies, as well as scientific sounding tools, like star charts. Astrology generates information regarding future events, personalities, characteristics of individuals, abilities, wisdom, challenges, and compatibility with others. Numerology is a divine or mystical relationship between a series of numbers and one or more coinciding events. The reports available on this website are extremely accurate and are to be used as a learning tool to identify the gifts and abilities of each soul as well as the lessons and challenges the soul needs to overcome.

Latest Posts

The Path To Oneness features more than 100 articles and posts.  These are communications and teachings from The Golden Ones to assist us in understanding who we are and our purpose on Earth. They explain the workings of the 5th Dimension and how we can utilize that knowledge in our soul’s journey.

The Golden Ones newsletters are another great resource!

Moon Signs

Moon Signs

In this article, let us learn about the characteristics of the Soul’s Moon Sign. In Astrology, The Sun Sign represents the soul’s personality and the Moon Sign represents the Soul’s Emotions. Usually, the Sun and Moon are located in different houses in the Soul’s 12 psychological aspects.

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The Power of the God

The Power of the God

Gods always serve their Goddesses.  It is the God’s role to guide the Goddess.  The Goddess creates with her loving feelings what she feels is the right action to take.  The God oversees what the Goddess is feelings, and with his logical mind, recommends the best way to accomplish her loving feeling ideas. 

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The Power of the Goddess

The Power of the Goddess

The Goddess creates with her loving feelings what she feels is the right action to take.  The God oversees what the Goddess is feelings, and with his logical mind, recommends the best way to accomplish her loving feeling ideas.  This works with two souls, Goddess and God, wife and husband.  In an individual soul, it is bringing the heart and mind together in making a decision.

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Tree of Knowledge

Tree of Knowledge

The metaphor of Adam and Eve eating from the Tree of Knowledge is symbolic of Earth’s life experiences, living life through trial and error to determined what is good for the soul and what is not good.  The soul gathers knowledge through life’s experiences and stores this knowledge into their subconscious mind.  The wise use of knowledge is wisdom.  Wisdom is stored in the soul’s Light Body.  From carnation to carnation the soul is gathering wisdom through life’s experiences.

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