Universal Law of Cause and Effect and Channeling Healing Energies

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The Universal Law of Cause and Effect teaches a soul, whatever action the Soul expresses towards another, similar action will be expressed to the Soul expressing the initial action. If you love another, love will be expressed towards you. If you abuse, steal, judge others, then others will abuse, steal, and judge you.

The purpose of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect is to teach the Soul how it feels to experience a life event as both the giver and receiver and to know what another soul may be feeling like both a giver and receiver.

Since Universal Mind orchestrates all Life Experiences for each Soul, the Soul must comprehend whether the challenges in life are steppingstones to learn the knowledge and wisdom of God or a learning experience for a karmic action previously taken. Regardless of the purpose behind each life experience, the Soul must embrace the life challenges presented to them as an opportunity to learn.

There are many souls gifted as channels for the healing energies of God.  Only God can heal; all healing channels only facilitate God’s healing powers. Souls working with promoting God’s healing energies must remember, they are not the healer.  Please do not allow your ego to interfere with the pure healing energies flowing through you from God.  Also, please remember that God creates ALL life, including bacteria, viruses, cancer, and the common cold.  If you believe you are not responsible for the displacing of these diseases, you are incorrect. 

The Universal Law of Cause and Effect states, “What you do to another will be done unto you”, even if you believe you are doing good by assisting in the healing process.  To be free of any reversal of unhealthy energies on you for your participation in any healing process, you must include these words in concluding your healing process.  If you say the complete Prayer of Protection, you are protected from any reversal of energies unto you.  However, if you have your healing prayers, please include the following words.

“and I AM accept no reversal, individually or collectively, for the

treatment of these energies and entities.  We thank you in the name of the Living God Consciousness.  Amen.”

Many facilitators of God’s healing energies become ill from the same condition they attempt to heal in another.  This is due to the misunderstanding that acting as a healing agent for God, you are an exception to the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.

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All souls must be aware of their life experiences and discern if the life experience is a learning lesson or a Karmic debt. Regardless, the Soul MUST embrace the experiences and knowledge which is learning, and which is karmic. If discernment tells the Soul, it is a learning life experience, embrace the learning and seek the lesson in the teaching – develop discipline in thinking, words, or actions.

Be mindful of your classmates in this Earth’s Spiritual Training School and their lack of spiritual development; accept them as they are. There are different levels of soul development in this Spiritual Training School; however, we are all classmates. The loving actions and acceptance you demonstrate towards others will be shown towards you.

Remember, ALL souls in the Earth Spiritual Training School are in school to become a Co-Creator God. Not every Soul has this choice, only those souls who have achieved the highest level of soul development from their Star System.  The Golden Ones, who are Co-Creator Gods, are the administrators of this Spiritual Training School, designated and sanctioned by The Galactic Council.  When the Soul comes to Earth, their memory of past accomplishments is erased. The Soul must learn to listen to the voice within for guidance. The Soul’s purpose is to train to become a Co-Creator God but is unaware of their purpose.

Universal Mind will orchestrate every life experience for the Soul, based on what the Soul has learned since coming to Earth and what Karma the Soul may have created previously.

The Soul must master all aspects of God, which includes the workings of Conscious MindSubconscious Mind, Universal Mind, cleaning their Light Body, protecting themselves from unhealthy entities, master their raw embedded God Characteristic and transmuting these raw emotional God Characteristics into God Feelings, disciplining their thoughts, words, and actions, and attuning to the Heart and Mind of God.

Attaining God Consciousness is the Soul’s purpose, training to become a Co-Creator God.  Once the Soul embraces its purpose and embraces all life’s experiences as wisdom learning lessons, their consciousness will shift to appreciation and an understanding of their lives up to this point.

Much Love, Support, Success, and ONENESS,

The Golden Ones.

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