The Oneness of Creation

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The Angel is giving us a “WAKE UP” call, reminding us of our purpose in this Earth Spiritual Training School.  Primary purpose is training to become a Co-Creator God and secondary, being one with the Oneness of Creation.

Earth is a Spiritual Training School, sanctioned by the Galactic Council and administrated by THE GOLDEN ONES, who are Co-Creator Gods. When a soul comes to Earth to train as a Co-Creator God, the Soul’s God-embedded characteristics are activated. The activation of these God Characteristics includes the Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind.  The Conscious Mind to learn to create and the Subconscious Mind to allow all of God’s Characteristics to be mastered in all of the soul’s life experiences.

Your solar system has one Sun, which is a star, with planets orbiting this is one star, located in the Milky Way Galaxy.  There are hundreds of billions of stars or Suns in the Milky Way Galaxy, all having planets orbiting their Sun.  In the Universe there are hundreds of billion galaxies, all having trillions of stars or Suns, and all with hundreds of trillions of planets orbiting their Sun. This is the purpose of Earth’s Spiritual Training School to assist God in managing all these galaxies, stars, and solar system.

The souls who incarnate to this Earth Spiritual Training School does so out of love and serves to God and the Oneness of Creation.  When the soul comes to Earth, their sole purpose is to train to become a Co-Creator.  All the soul’s life experience are orchestrated by Universal Mind to guide the soul in learning wisdom.  The soul will learn to use their Conscious Mind to manifest their dreams, desires and learn wisdom through trial and error and discipline their God Characteristics, which are in their undisciplined Ego Nature desires, embedded in the Subconscious Mind.

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In this Spiritual Training School, the soul must achieve the God Conscious Status before they will be allowed to graduate from this Earth Spiritual Training School and move to the next level of Co-Creator God development.

Archangel Lucifer, The Bringer of Light, is one of the key contributors to the success of the soul to graduate from this school.  Archangel Lucifer will use every technique to tempt the soul to indulge in any or all sensual temptations on this planet to prevent the soul from reaching their Co-Creator God Consciousness Status.  The soul must draw on all the God Characteristics embedded within their Light Body to learn to discipline every, thought, word, and deed created and expressed, demonstrating God Consciousness in every moment.

The eventual success of the soul is to achieve Co-Creator God Status which includes embracing the Oneness of Creation.  Archangel Lucifer will incorporate techniques to attempt to cause separation and indifference between one soul and another.  Differences in religions, differences in Nationality, differences in color of skin, differences spiritual development, differences in diets, differences in biological genders, all intended to have the soul separated themselves from the Oneness of Creations.  Corrupt governments, political representatives, business leaders and corrupt banking organization, school officials are all part in creating a consciousness of separation between souls.

A soul in training in is this Spiritual Training School must embrace their God Embedded Characteristics and their purpose in this Spiritual Training School.  Embracing they are a Co-Creator God in training will empower the soul and assist the soul in being consciously aware of expressing love, in every moment of their existence, and the acceptance of others regardless of how others treat them.  We are all Sisters and Brothers in this Spiritual Training School out of Love and gratitude to God for being created in His image and likeness.

Much Love and many Blessings

The Golden Ones

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