Since 1972, I have been a student of THE GOLDEN ONES. They have been training me in their teachings of Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order, and unity for the good of ALL and the purpose of life here on Earth. THE GOLDEN ONES are the Co-Creator Gods’ administrators of Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy Training School, sanctioned by the Galactic Council. All souls coming to Earth are here to train to become a Co-Creator God. They have taught me different aspects and processes of Manifestation, using Conscious Mind, Subconscious Mind, interactions with Universal Mind, and connecting to the Heart and Mind of God. They now want me to share their teachings with as many souls as possible to assist in the soul’s Ascension.

When I started to meditate in my early 20’s, I became aware of my connection with my spiritual teachers; after opening my chakras, raising the Kundalini Energy, and had an out-of-body experience, where I realized all I was, was consciousness. Although I worked during the day in the corporate world, I continued to do my spiritual work in the evenings and weekends. In my late twenties, I was Ordained as a Metaphysical Minister, later a Reiki Master, and even later as a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor.

After an enlightening, spiritual awakening in a dream state, where three 12-foot faceless beings in monk clothing taught me about thoughts, led me to organized meditation classes. I began facilitating meditation classes in the mid-1980, which I continue for over twenty years, teaching the purpose of thoughts, consciousness, and subconsciousness mind, and connecting with Spirit guides.

On several occasions, the Lords of Amenti would visit me teaching me about healing concepts such as chemotherapy kills the cells, and the cells need to be transitioned back to health. Through the years, I encounter other spiritual beings.

I enhanced my connection with Spirit when I was guided to visited Peru and attend the Spiritual Ceremonies, drinking the Shamanic Drink of the plants of the Ayahuasca and Huachuma. Over five-years, I revisited these Shaman Teachers of Peru several times, participating in these ceremonies and visiting the many Spiritual sites of Peru. It was in Peru on a 30-day journey, where I experienced my Astral Travel Journey to a place called “Where the Sun Shines Before the Dawn.” I was being greeted by three ladies where I had a conscious, intelligent conversation, providing me with information regarding the Ayahuasca Diet of fish and bananas. I knew nothing of this diet until I shared my experience with my Shaman teacher in the morning, and he confirmed it was true.

My contact with Spirit first started in a dream state with the three 12-foot spiritual beings in a dream state. I had an out-of-body experience when I first began to meditate in the early 1970s. In the 1980s, I was visited in my daily mediation by a Golden Light Being who presented me with a golden necklace with an inverted triangle pendant. In the 1990s, I was taken aboard a UFO while walking at 3:30 AM. I was unaware of the visit until after returning me on my walk, and I noticed a sizeable circular hue on the landscape surrounding me. I quickly realized there must be a sizeable circular vehicle behind me to create such a shade. As I started to turn around to see what was behind me, a loud voice in my mind strongly recommended, “Do not turn around.” As tempting as it was, I obeyed the command. In 1999, the Angel of Death visited me in a midnight meditation organized by spiritual teachers. Then in Peru, 2005, I astral traveled to a world called “Where the Sun Shines before the Dawn.” While meditating in October 2012, a group of golden-robed light beings joined in one of my private meditation sessions. Before closing the meditation, I asked the beings who they were. They indicated they were “The Golden Ones,” and they were now returning to Earth to resume their work of bringing wisdom for fifth-dimensional teachings. The Golden Ones were the teachers here on Earth before the fall of consciousness from a 5th Dimension to a 3rd Dimension planet. When Lemuria sank in the sea before Atlantes sinking, The Golden Ones departed as the Earth’s spiritual vibration was too dense. When Earth return to a 5th Dimension spiritual vibration planet on 21 December 2012, The Golden Ones also have returned and have been with me ever since.

Although the Golden Ones spent much time with me in 2013, teaching me of the history of Earth as a Spiritual Training School and how souls are here because of their desire to serve God and become a Co-Creator God, I feel now that 2021 and beyond is the year I AM supposed to bring their teachings to the world. I have just finished the Advanced Version of How to Play the Game of Life. This version of the book has most of all the lost teachings of THE GOLDEN ONES to guide the soul to everlasting life in the physical, embracing the challenges and avoiding the shortfalls which affect the soul’s Ascension.  When a soul embraces their purpose of serving God with their whole heart, mind, soul, and body, and consciously live every moment in Love and acceptance, there is no need for the soul to experience the birth-death-rebirth cycle.