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In this Earth Spiritual Training School, there are many tools available to assist the soul in becoming a Co-Creator God. There are also many obstacles, intentionally created, for the student in training to overcome. Most students do not realize their purpose in life is to be trained to become a Co-Creator God. These students are oblivious to what is going on in society on Earth.

There is a constant spiritual war going on all around us, Light versus Darkness. The Spiritual Teachers, Light, and the Archangel Lucifer, Dark, are working to produce the BEST Co-Creator Gods possible from Earth’s Spiritual Training School. All souls must learn to discipline their thoughts, words, and actions.

The Astrology and Numerology Reports on this website are designed to empower the soul to understand who they are, their gifts, abilities, and challenges to advance in their soul’s spiritual development.

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Astrology is a tool to give the soul a blueprint of the soul’s qualities, prior achievements, future challenges, and abilities. Astrology is calculated on the position of Constellations, Planets, Sun, moon, and the date, place, and time the soul was born. Numerology is based on the date and the full name of the person at birth.

Numerology will convert the alpha characters in the soul’s name to a numerical value along with the date, day-month-year, and forecast analysis of the soul’s character qualities, challenges, and potential for soul development.

In Astrology, there are twelve houses, each representing an aspect of the soul’s life experiences. Here are the general topics for each House.

First House – Personality

Second House – Finance 

Third House – Communications

Fourth House – Family

Fifth House – Romance

Sixth House – Service

Seventh House – Romance

Eighth House – Birth, death, sex

Ninth House – Travel

Tenth House – Career

Eleventh House – Social Activities

Twelfth House – Secrets

Each celestial body will also have a characteristic that will influence the soul’s life experiences, depending on which House the celestial body will reside within. Here are the attributes for each of the celestial bodies.

Sun –   Characteristic of Constellation

Moon – Personality 

Mercury – Communications

Venus – Romance

Earth – Spiritual

Mars – War

Jupiter – Gifts

Saturn – Discipline

Uranus – Unexpected

Neptune – Psychic Abilities          

Pluto – Power

Each of the Constellations also has characteristics that have a direct influence on the soul’s life experiences. Here is the list of Constellations and their qualities.

Aries – Mountain Goat – Determination

Taurus – Bull – Stubborn

Gemini – Twins – Communication

Cancer – Crab – Sensitivity 

Leo – Lion – Authority 

Virgo – Virgin – Perfection 

Libra – Scales of Justice – Balance

Scorpio – Scorpion – Sting

Sagittarius – Archer – Freedom

Capricorn – Sea Goat – Ambitious

Aquarius – Water Bearer – Social Justice

Pisces – Fish – Emotions

Numerology identifies the soul’s purpose or Life’s Path. The formula for the soul’s Life Past is adding the birth year, birth month, and birthday together and reducing the number to a single digit. For example, a soul born on 15, September 1948 = 15 + 9 + 1948 = 15+9+22= 46 = 1.

Both the Astrology and Numerology Compatibility Reports will indicate whether the couple’s relationships will be successful or not. These reports will identify where there may be conflicts between the couple. It will save time in identifying challenging areas of the relationship. In Astrology, Saturn determines whether a relationship will be long lasting or not. In Numerology, certain numbers conflicting with each person’s number, in any of the main four areas, Life’s Path, Expression, Heart’s Desire, and Personality will indicate compatibility or incompatibility in that area and why.

The Astrology and Numerology Reports are incredibly accurate and have been validated for the past 30 years by individuals all over the world. Each detail report is moderately priced for affordability. 

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