When the Conscious Mind stores a truth in the Subconscious Mind there is a feeling attached to that truth. All our truths have a feeling attached to them. The truths stored in our Subconscious Mind are our truths; they may not be the real truth.

If we are conditioned to think a certain way by the outside world – parents, education, government, religion and friends – we may believe something to be true which in reality may not be?

Fears and Anxiety

When we came to Earth, our Light Body was pure, free from all fears and anxieties. Through the soul’s learning lessons, we experience fears and anxieties. These fears and anxieties act like emotional parasites and will attach themselves to our Light Body, sucking or depleting our energies. All feelings of fears and anxieties are attached to our Solar Plexus as emotional parasites. We feel these fears and anxieties within us as if we are these fears and anxieties. We are not. These parasites can be removed immediately by using the technique below.

Healing Technique

  1. Place your right hand on your soul seat (above the Heart Chakra and below the throat).
  2. Place your left hand above the navel (Core Star).
  3. Intensify the feeling of fear or anxiety within you (Normally this feeling makes us feel miserable and we want to get rid of this and run from it. This is what the parasite wants you to do. However, we want to intensify the feeling and confront the parasite – extremely important to intensify the feeling as it exposes the emotional parasite to your soul’s light).
  4. Once we have activated the feelings of this particular emotional parasite, say these words:

This feeling is not mine.

This feeling does not belong to me.

I resolve this feeling with Love.

I send a feeling of love from the heart through the feeling.


This will work for all Feelings of fears and anxieties. It will also work for negative thoughts.

This technique was given to us by the Egyptian god, Thoth at a Sydney Retreat in October 2012 that was facilitated by Judy Satori.