Prayer To Remove Emotional Parasites

These Emotional Parasites are conscious entities.  It is their responsibility to survive,  they will interact with the soul’s conscious thinking, pretending to be the reasoning aspect of the soul and attempt to convince the soul not to remove these Emotional Parasites (feelings of fear, guilt, or any other sabotaging thoughts or feelings).  They will use logic and reason in the conscious mind of the soul, attempting to reason with the soul, that this prayer will not work, attempting to convince the soul, the soul is being foolish for any other attempt, to convince the soul not to say this prayer.  These Emotional Parasites actually believe if you remove these ungod-like parasites, they will perish, which is not true.   However, the soul must remove these Emotional Parasites from their Light Body, which is preventing the soul from Ascending

Place your left hand above the navel or belly button and right hand on the heart.

Resurrect the feeling or haunting thought you want to remove from your Light Body.

Say these words aloud with reverence:

‘This Feeling is not mine

This Feeling does not belong to me

I release this Feeling in Love

Now and forever.


Instantaneously, these Emotional Parasites will be removed from your Light Body, Subconscious Mind.

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