The Power of the Goddess

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Earth is a Spiritual Training School, sanctioned by the Galactic Council, and administered by the Co-Creator Gods, THE GOLDEN ONES.  When a soul comes to Earth, the soul receives a conscious and subconscious mind, and the physical body becomes the gateway for all wisdom to be stored in the soul’s Light Body.  Along with the wisdom, all of God’s characteristics must also be transformed through life’s experiences and stored in the soul’s Light Body.  The raw God characteristics, emotions of God, are refined and transition into God Feelings through life’s experiences.  God’s raw emotions, stored in the subconscious mind, are transitioned through disciplined during life’s experiences, while traveling to the conscious mind, where the emotion will be transferred into feelings, hate to love.   The physical body is used to experience life, and through trial and error, wisdom is learned and stored into the soul’s Light Body. 

Each soul also has a Guardian Angel assigned to the soul for the duration of the soul’s carnation.  In addition to the assigned Guardian Angel, the soul also has spiritual teachers assigned to the soul to educate the soul, when needed.  As the soul evolves in spiritual awareness, more advance spiritual teachers are assigned to the soul.  These spiritual Angels and teachers respect the free-will of the soul and will not interfere with the soul unless the soul asks for assistance, which is the purpose of prayer.

“And God made man, according to the image of God he made him, male and female he made them.”  All females on this planet represents the Feminine aspect of God, each female is a Goddess.  There are rules for Goddesses.  Goddesses are served by the Gods.  Goddesses do not chase after anything they desire, they feel what it is they desire, they visualize their desires, and wait for the Gods or Angels to fulfill their intentions and desires.  Females who chase after their desires and intentions are not aware of the power available to them.  Goddesses need to be patient and wait for their desires and intentions to come to them.  This is how the Goddesses learns and knows of the synchronicity workings of Universal Forces, which are working for the Goddess.  This is a recommendation for all Goddesses, before falling to sleep.  Allow your desires and intentions to be heard as a heartfelt prayer to your Guardian Angel.  Initially, this only takes a minute or two.  After the first night, all the Goddess is required to do is just consciously send a loving thought to her Guardian Angel, reaffirming her desires and intentions, and wait patiently.

Gods always serve their Goddesses.  It is the God’s role to guide the Goddess.  The Goddess creates with her loving feelings what she feels is the right action to take.  The God oversees what the Goddess is feelings, and with his logical mind, recommends the best way to accomplish her loving feeling ideas.  This works with two souls, Goddess and God, wife and husband.  In an individual soul, it is bringing the heart and mind together in making a decision.

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