Proper Breathing to Oxygenate the Brain and to Relax the Body

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This is the proper way to breathe to oxygenate the brain.

The teaching lesson from the Golden Ones as it relates to breathing follows:

A soul enters the body on the first breath and leaves the body on the last breath. The Breath of Life is essential in maintaining life in the body. It is the soul’s responsibility in sustaining life in the body. The soul breathes oxygen into the body on the inhale and releases toxic gases, called carbon dioxide, on the exhale.

In between the inhale and exhale, the oxygen enriches the blood, converts nutrients into energy, and if the soul breathes properly, it will bring oxygen to the blood, brain, and other major organs and assist in the functionality of the body.

We say, “If the soul breathes properly.” There are two ways to bring oxygen into the body through the mouth and the nostrils. If you breathe through the mouth, the oxygen goes directly to the lungs. This method is used by runners who need to use the oxygen for endurance or conditions where the soul is having difficulties in breathing and needs oxygen quickly.

Then there is the method of breathing through the nostrils. There are two passageways the inhaled oxygen can flow if a soul is breathing through the nostrils. If the soul inhales up in the nostrils, it brings the oxygen up through the sinuses to the lungs. If the soul inhales down through the nostrils, it brings the oxygen into the stomach’s diaphragm. Breathing up through the nostrils does not oxygenate the brain.

The proper way to breathe to oxygenate the blood, brain, and all the vital organs of the body is to keep the mouth closed and inhale slowly down through the nostrils into the diaphragm. Breathing into the diaphragm may be referred to as the Yoga Breath; it is the proper way to breathe for the health, wellbeing, and longevity of the body.

With the mouth closed and inhaling down through the nostrils into the diaphragm, a slow breath will not only oxygenate the blood, vital organs, and the brain but also relax any stress points in the body. Known as the yoga breath, this breathing is used in yoga to relax and stretch the ligaments the soul is perfecting through their yoga asana (posture).

Relaxing and stretching the ligaments strengthens the ligaments, which protects the bones from injury. On the slow exhale through the nostrils with the mouth closed, the body will relax the most stressed point in the body and oxygenate it. The exhaling breath travels up the spine, to the brain, and exits through the nostrils.

It is the soul’s responsibility to maintain the health, wellbeing, and longevity of their body. Breathing, eating, drinking, and thinking in alignment with Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order, and unity for the good of ALL will prepare the soul for eternal existence in the body. There are no reasons for the body to die, especially if the soul is conscious in every moment, taking responsibility for the body and the importance of the breath of life.

Use this powerful breathing exercise during yoga or when just relaxing. It oxygenates the brain and pumps semen to the brain and vital organs. Females breathe down through the nostrils, deep into the diaphragm, exhaling through the nostrils, with the mouth closed.

Powerful Kegel Breath Exercise

This powerful, spiritual Kegel breathing exercise is twofold.

First, it is designed to pump Kundalini energy to the crown chakra, activating and strengthening the God frequency in communication with universal mind.

Second, one of the scrotum functions is to pump semen with nutritional proteins to the brain and vital organs of the body, sustaining everlasting life. Once the yogi has mastered yogic breathing into the diaphragm and completely relaxing the targeted ligaments in every yoga pose, this powerful Kegel exercise used daily will benefit the male student.

  1. Place the tongue on the roof of the mouth behind the teeth and keep it there throughout the pose.

  2. Inhale down through the nostrils, filling the diaphragm with air. As you inhale down, at the same time, tighten up your pelvic floor muscles while Kegel breathing, keeping the tongue on the roof of the mouth. Exhale the breath and relax the pelvic floor muscles simultaneously, exhaling through the nostrils. This one step is essential for all the yoga exercises recommended.

  3. There are different ways to use this powerful Kegel exercise. In chapter 12 of the book How to Play the Game of Life – Advance Version, Tantra and Everlasting Life, this powerful Kegel exercise will be used to prevent the student from becoming overexcited and losing control of ejaculating his semen.

  4. Semen has two functions. Its primary purpose is to provide nutritional protein nourishment to the major organs and brain when the sperm travels up the spinal cord. Secondly, semen is to be used during a spiritual lovemaking procedure to fertilize the egg of his goddess, creating offspring.

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