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Emotions are the uncontrollable energies of man, and feelings are the controlled energies of God.

Uncontrollable energies are emotions, which represents energies in motion. We could not predict the path the balloon would take if we were to blow up a balloon to its fullest and then release it. Emotions work the same way. If a person gets angry, there is no telling the extent to which the offended person might go. If a spouse cheats on their partner and the spouse gets angry, there is no telling what the partner might do. Regardless of whether the emotion is anger, hatred, boisterousness, sadness, fear, or surprise, when the emotion occurs in a soul, it may create an uncontrollable response from the soul expressing that emotion.

Emotions are part of the God characteristics embedded in the subconscious mind of the soul. Through life’s experiences, the soul, little by little, learns to control its emotions. Initially, when a soul starts to feel the onset of a feeling, they may lash out, releasing built-up energy, like the inflated balloon, and not knowing what actions they might take. Or the soul may wait for a little while considering their options, and then through frustration, lash out and still not know what steps they might take.

Raw emotions are anchored in the subconscious mind, solar plexus and/or third chakra. Raw emotions must find a nerve path from the third chakra, solar plexus to the conscious mind, crown chakra. Once a raw emotion successfully reaches the conscious mind, it becomes a God feeling.

Following is the teaching lesson from the Golden Ones regarding emotions versus feelings:

“During the creation process of each soul, its light body is embedded with God’s characteristics, in their initial undisciplined raw state of being, as emotions. Emotions are different from feelings. Feelings are disciplined emotions.

Through life’s experiences, the soul learns to discipline their emotions. Initially, the emotions have control over the soul: anger, lust, jealousy, vengeance, impatience, and greed, to name a few.“

“When a soul comes to Earth, part of their responsibility is to discipline these emotions and transition them into God feelings.

When the soul receives a physical body, stored in the subconscious mind are emotions. These emotions require discipline when converted into feelings. The solar plexus is the nerve center of the body and contains the soul’s subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the third chakra. During the soul’s daily life’s experiences, these emotions are activated within the soul. The soul realizes these emotions must be controlled, as the soul’s inner guidance KNOWS these undisciplined emotions are not healthy for the wellbeing of the soul.”

“To discipline these emotions, the soul’s conscious mind must use willpower to control their expression. When the soul uses willpower and does not respond to the disturbing energies, the emotion is creating the feeling of frustration or anxiety in the body, and it allows the emotion to make a pathway from the central nervous system in the solar plexus to the conscious mind. Disciplining these emotions is not an easy process. For example, if a soul starts to feel the emotion of anger attempting to express itself, and the soul uses willpower to discipline and control the outburst of anger, the emotion will search for a pathway from the central nervous system to the conscious mind. As the emotion of anger searches for a path to the conscious mind, it causes a feeling of frustration in the physical body, searching for the correct pathway until it completes its journey to the conscious mind.”

The feeling of frustration needs to be tolerated by the soul until the emotion of anger completes its journey from the central nervous system to the conscious mind. once this emotion of anger reaches the conscious mind, it is converted immediately into a God feeling of peace. If the soul interrupts the emotion of anger from finding a pathway from the central nervous system to the conscious mind, life’s experience will continue to trigger the emotion of anger until it completes its journey in finding a pathway to the conscious mind. Once the emotion of anger is converted into a God feeling of peace, the soul will never experience the emotion of anger again. Universal mind will continue to orchestrate the triggering of each emotion within the soul’s daily life experiences until all emotions are disciplined and converted into God’s feelings.

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