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How to Play the Game of Life - Intermediate
Within all of us there is a coded reason why we are here on Earth. When we are ready to migrate to the fifth dimension, our awareness changes. We become more aware, more disciplined, more responsible. Our diet changes, our thoughts change, our friends change, our relationships change, our job and work change, and maybe even our location where we live changes. When you read this book, these teachings will turn the switch on the coding within you and activate your crystalline DNA. You will have those moments when you feel the “light bulb” turning on and the process will start if it has not already started; but it will confirm that everything you are doing—all the changes that are taking place—are just perfect as there are no accidents in this Spiritual Hierarchy Training School on Earth.


How to Play the Game of Life
Within all of us is a driving force motivating us to take action in our life. Whether we are aware of it or not, this force provides us with the impetus to examine our current belief systems and to question how we feel about them. This book is intended for those walking their path and learning to trust their inner guidance. The most difficult part is learning to listen to the teacher of Divine Wisdom from the creative consciousness always communicating with us.


Soul Astrology and Numerology Report
This report is an unbiased approach to discovering your soul path and to uncover both positive and challenging aspects. Two separate reports will be sent providing a complete understanding of your gifts and potentials and challenges to to your soul’s path.


Compatitility Astrology Report
The Astrology and Numerology reports for couples provides two reports where an individual or couple together can gain a better understanding of how they interact together in relationship. The two compatibility reports will identify gifts and the challenges within a relationship when two individual dynamic forces come together as one.


Couples Complete Astrology and Numerology Report
The Astrology and Numerology package for couples provides six reports where couples get a complete unbiased understanding of themselves as individuals along with two relationship compatibility reports. The individual reports will assist couples to understanding themselves based on Astrology and Numerology data for each person.


Spiritual Guided Meditation
Spiritual meditation series will assist you in learning to become aware of your thoughts, learn to discipline your thinking, learn to concentrate, to listen to the voice within, and eventually to connect with your Spirit guides. Music will start each track and music will end each track. Each set includes an explanation and a guided meditation. First set is FREE to try.