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Earth is a Spiritual Training School, sanctioned by the Galactic Council, and administrated by the Co-Creator Gods, THE GOLDEN ONES.  When a soul reaches the pinnacle point of soul development, the soul has a chose to train as either an Angel or a Co-Creator God.  Before coming to Earth, a soul is guided only by the Heart of God.  When coming to Earth, a soul receives a conscious, and subconscious mind.  The soul’s Light Body is void of wisdom.  This is the reason a soul cannot remember previous lives before Earth’s carnations.  The subconscious mind holds all memories, current and past.  The purpose of each carnation is to acquire wisdom, which is stored in the soul’s Light Body.

The metaphor of Adam and Eve eating from the Tree of Knowledge is symbolic of Earth’s life experiences, living life through trial and error to determined what is good for the soul and what is not good.  The soul gathers knowledge through life’s experiences and stores this knowledge into their subconscious mind.  The wise use of knowledge is wisdom.  Wisdom is stored in the soul’s Light Body.  From carnation to carnation the soul is gathering wisdom through life’s experiences.

In this spiritual training school, a soul has free-will, to a certain extent.  Each time a soul incarnates, the exact time of birth, date, and place of birth is calculated by Universal guiding forces to determine the soul’s training agenda for the soul’s current carnation.  The spiritual training agenda is based on the soul’s spiritual development and what stage of soul development the soul has reached, wisdom to be learned, repayment of karmic debt, if any, knowledge to be learned, learning of Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order, and unity for the good of all.  Discipline is also extremely important and what level of discipline is the soul developing?  Is the soul working on disciplining their sensual desires, their eating habits, their speaking, their thinking, their daily responsibilities, their relationship, or their awareness of their feelings? 

In training to become a Co-Creator God, the soul purpose is to gather wisdom and storing this wisdom in the soul’s Light Body.  In each carnation, it is not important what role you play, but how you play your role.  Every soul will experience different genders, cultures, religions, careers, nationalities, wealth, poverty, and relationships.  What is important is what knowledge and wisdom the soul has learned playing all these different roles.  Most souls are oblivious to their purpose in life.  However, there is an innate desire to learn wisdom, regardless of what stage of soul development the soul is experiencing.

For those who are aware of your soul’s purpose, if you embrace the role of Co-Creator God and act like God in every moment, being kind, loving, considerate, compassionate, truthful, honest, selfless you will see life challenges melt away and you’ll understand the wisdom of your life’s experiences.  Have compassion for those classmates who are arrogant, selfish, corrupt, and belligerent.  As they are also training to be Co-Creator Gods and are in their early stage of soul development.  May love, understanding, respect, and ONENESS be with you and those you touch in your daily life.

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