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Astrology Aspects are planetary positions and their relationship with other planets in your Birth Chart or the relationship of your planets in relationship to another individual’s planetary positions in their Birth Chart.

Major Aspects

This is said to be the most powerful aspect, intensifying the effects of the involved planets mutually — and being a major point in the chart.

Whether the union is to be regarded as “positive” or “negative” depends upon what planets are involved: Venus, Jupiter and the Sun, in any possible combination, is considered the most favorable scenario while the most unfavorable configurations involve Mars, Saturn, and/or the. If the planets are under stress from other configurations, then the conjunction will be said to intensify the stress.

The sextile has been traditionally said to be similar in influence to the trine, but of less significance. It indicates ease of communication between the two elements involved, with compatibility and harmony between them, but only provides opportunity, requiring effort to gain its benefits

As with the trine and the sextile, in the square, it is usually the outer or superior planet that has an effect on the inner or inferior one. Basically, the square’s energy is similar to that of a trine but it is intensified to such an extent that the energy is said to be stressful.

The trine indicates harmony and ease. The trine is a source of artistic and creative talent, which is innate. The trine has been traditionally assumed to be extremely beneficial.

Oppositions are said to be the second most powerful aspect. It resembles the conjunction although the difference between them is that the opposition causes exaggeration as it is not unifying like the conjunction but instead exalted.

Individual Aspects

Venus Square Pluto
The Venus-Pluto square in the composite chart means the power of love or the power in love. This is not a relationship to be treated lightly, for powerful forces are at work here. Some very unusual and difficult emotional patterns can arise in which one of you is fascinated by the other and comes under his or her complete control. The feelings can become a mixture of love and hate.

Even in a more usual relationship, one of you may use the love you share as a device for manipulating and controlling the other. This often has disastrous consequences if the dominated partner tries to break free. When such a relationship breaks up, it leaves feelings of great bitterness.

There can be many good things about this relationship. Your emotional involvement is intense, and you are very deeply concerned about each other. In a sexual relationship there is a strong emphasis on physical lovemaking. If you can avoid the kinds of games described above, you can have a rich and rewarding relationship.

Uranus Conjunct Pluto
The conjunction of composite Uranus and Pluto is quite common in the charts of people born in the middle of the 1960s.

In a composite chart, this aspect indicates that there are times of great change in your relationship.

Wherever this aspect falls in the composite chart is an area in which the two of you must display considerable flexibility and willingness to adapt. If you try to resist the changes that must come in your relationship, you will experience an upheaval that will make it very difficult for your relationship to survive. On the other hand, if you can adapt and accept the challenges, your relationship will be revitalized and renewed. Pluto means death to the old order, but it also means the creative birth of the new. You must learn to look forward to this change.

North Node in the Seventh House
In past lives you have only considered your own happiness, with little regard for the needs of others.  In this lifetime, you will learn to cooperate with others to form egalitarian relationships.  By devoting your energy and resources to others, you will learn to develop kindness and understanding.  You have a gift for helping others recognize their own self-worth.

Libra Ascendant
You believe in justice and peace, and are forever trying to bring these forces into play in your life.  When in balance, you are delightful to be with–gracious, good- natured and with a good sense of humor.  But like the scales after which the sign is named, Libra dips wildly from one side to the other before attaining that perfect balance, and this results in restlessness, stubbornness and confusion.

Sun Square Jupiter
Throughout your life the world will test you to see if you can overcome your tendency to overdo everything you get involved in. Learn to act more moderately and not take on more than you can handle. If you learn to understand your own limitations, you will discover that y Opposition.

An opposition (abrv. Opp) is an angle of 180° (1/2 of the 360° ecliptic). An orb of somewhere between 5° and 10°[3] is usually allowed. Oppositions are said to be the second most powerful aspect. It resembles the conjunction although the difference between them is that the opposition causes exaggeration as it is not unifying like the conjunction but instead exalted.

You have the ability to act at the right time. This is not because you are lucky, but because you know what you are doing and when to do it. An excellent sense of timing is one of the rewards of learning to live with reality. If you know yourself well, you will be successful.

You like everything around you to be big and grand, which is fine if you know your limitations and what you can handle. If you do not, you will spend too much money and waste what you have. Avoid living more richly than you can afford.

Interpretation by Robert Hand from “Youth Portrait”, which is also an interesting read for grown-ups.

Moon Opposition Pluto
Your relationships with others will be intensely emotional and quite often difficult until you learn to see others and yourself as you really are, without so much emotion. All your emotions are very intense – when you are sad, you are very sad; when you are happy, you are full of joy. But learn to express your feelings openly instead of hiding them for fear of what others might think. The only people who would be good friends for you are those who can understand your feelings.

Try not to be so fearful, jealous and possessive with your friends and family. You must learn that everyone needs the same emotional freedom that you want for yourself. You must learn to have enough self-confidence to challenge your family and assert yourself. You don’t always have to agree with those you love.

Venus Square Mars
This aspect indicates that your feelings are very intense, particularly in relationships. It is difficult for you to like someone only a little bit. Either you like a person completely, or you are indifferent or unfriendly to them. And in all your relationships, your feelings are a mixture of love and hate, which can come out as intense anger toward those you love the most, if you have any differences of opinion. However, if you release your anger in an out- and-out fight, you quickly get over it and go back to really liking the other person.

The problem is that you cannot imagine love without hate and conflict, so you will try to bring those two extremes together in your love life. There is nothing especially wrong in that, except that it becomes difficult to have long and deep relationships. Either you or your partner will get tired of the emotional and physical bruises and will leave.

Venus Sextile Ascendant
You are very sociable and always enjoy being with friends or social groups. You may also have friends who will help you out a great deal.

You will enjoy life most when you live in a pleasant place with comfortable and luxurious surroundings.

In communicating with others, you try to accent the positive. You hate discord and will try to smooth over any conflicts between yourself and others, even those that do not involve you directly.

You should be very popular with others, because you project warm and friendly feelings.

Relationship Aspects

Sun Conjunct Venus
The conjunction of Sun and Venus in the composite chart is one of the strongest indications of a love relationship between two people, even in a friendship. It does not primarily indicate a sexual relationship; instead it signifies love, pure and simple. The attraction indicated by this aspect is so powerful that it can bring together people who are incompatible by ordinary criteria.

Venus in the Seventh House
Composite Venus in the seventh house is a good indication that this is a personal relationship based to a considerable extent on affection. There may be other reasons for this relationship, but love is certainly one of the most important.

You will have a strong sense of shared emotion and feeling and a great need to share your experiences.

Venus Opposition Ascendant
The opposition of composite Venus and Ascendant signifies the possibility of a partnership of real love, one of the best to have in the composite chart of a love relationship or marriage. It can pull a relationship through the worst situations that can occur.

Regardless of why you have come together, this aspect will produce a love relationship between you. The two of you feel that you complement each other in some definite but indefinable way.

Your differences do not create barriers between you but allow you to work together in life. Each one has what the other lacks and needs.

Sun in the Seventh House
Sun in the seventh house of the composite chart is usually an excellent position for any kind of relationship in which two people are trying to work as a unit in an equal partnership.

In most cases, this is the best position of all for either marriage or a business partnership. It denotes a complementarity that makes the whole stronger than either of the parts.

Mercury Opposition Venus
A fortunate attribute of this aspect is that it gives you sensitivity to each other’s feelings. This aspect should help smooth out the roughness that occasionally comes up in any relationship, but it may also make you keep quiet for the sake of preserving harmony when you feel angry. Go ahead and say what you feel, for you will be able to express what must be said in the right way.

Venus Sextile Pluto
Venus sextile Pluto in the composite chart is an intensely transforming aspect, but it works in an undemanding way. The basic significance of this aspect is that your relationship will change the ways you think about the world, as well as changing your personal objectives. You both will be changed by the relationship, but you may not be aware of the process as it is happening. The only thing you will notice is that your feelings will have a depth that is not often found in a relationship.

Even a friendship with this aspect will have a greater sense of emotional involvement than usual.

In a sexual relationship the qualities of this aspect become especially evident. The whole relationship, and particularly the physical part of it, becomes a way of transcending the ordinariness of life.

Pluto Trine Ascendant
The trine of composite Pluto and Ascendant indicates a very intense but constructive relationship. Whatever feelings you have for each other you express strongly. Because you do not keep your problems bottled up, a lot of pressure is released that would damage the relationship if held in.

You go to extremes in expressing yourselves, and you may be inclined to overdramatize. If you do, however, you will find that what ought to be rather trivial concerns get blown up out of all proportion.

The two of you experience love as a way of transcending the everyday world, which is the reason for your great intensity. To you, love is a life-or-death issue.

Whatever your reasons for being together, you will constantly examine the overall importance of this relationship. But you will not be satisfied with an intellectual understanding alone. You will want to feel it and comprehend it with your body and soul.

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