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The Soul’s Journey – Creation to Ascension

Namaste classmates in this Spiritual Training School, Each soul comes to Earth to train to become a Co-Creator God or an Angel out of divine love and appreciation for God.The soul is not aware of the transformation of their soul that will take place in this Spiritual...

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Power-up Your Meditation Using the Element of Your Zodiac Sign

Dear Sisters and Brothers in this Spiritual Training School we call Earth, All souls come to Earth and choose to train to become either a Co-Creator God, to govern Creation; or, a Guardian Angel, a messenger for God in support of Co-Creator Gods. I have learned this...

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The Golden Age – Overcoming the Birth-Death-Rebirth Cycle

Greetings, Sisters and Brothers in this Spiritual Training School, On 21 December 2012, your solar system finished a journey of 25,920 years around the Galactic Center, and Earth transitioned from a 3rd Dimension to a 5th Dimension vibrational frequency planet. Earth...

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How to Play the Game of Life

Greetings, Sisters and Brothers in this Spiritual Training School, Every moment is a Spiritual Experience; however, this weekend brings to our attention the spiritual celebrations occurring worldwide, celebrating Easter, Passover, and the beginning of Ramadan....

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How to Talk to God

Dear Classmates in Earth's Spiritual Training School, In this Earth Spiritual Training School, every life experience for each soul is part of a training plan orchestrated by the Mind of God. The Mind of God designs and allows Free-will for all Life experiences to be...

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Nibiru – The 10th Planet of Our Solar System

Dear Sisters and Brothers, In this Earth Spiritual Training School, there are many tools available to assist the soul in becoming a Co-Creator God. There are also many obstacles, intentionally created, for the student in training to overcome. There is a constant...

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