Couples Astrology and Numerology Compatibility Reports

Highly recommended for couples planning a relationship.  These reports will identify potential hidden tendencies that may not appear until months after relating. Includes Star March Compability, Compatibility Composition and Compatible Numerology report.

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Highly recommended for couples planning a relationship.  These reports will identify potential hidden tendencies that may not appear until months after relating. (These reports are EXTREMELY ACCURATE)

The Astrology Star Match CompatibilityAstrology Composition, and Numerology reports for couples provide three reports where an individual, or couple together, can gain a better understanding of how they interact together in a relationship. The three compatibility reports will identify gifts and the challenges within a relationship when two individual dynamic forces come together as one. It will also point out, which individual has the task of accepting the responsibility to improve the peace, love, and connectedness within the relationship. These reports will identify potential abusive relationships, infidelity, short term relationship aspects, and potential court proceedings.

The reports provided are a Star Match Compatibility Astrology Report, Composition Compatible Astrology Report, along with a Compatibility Numerology Report. These reports will provide a comprehensive look at the relationship based on the Complete Name at Birth (based on Birth Certificate), Current Name, Time, Place and Date of Birth for each person in relationship to the celestial position of the sun, moon, planets, and constellations. This information is required when ordering these reports.

Star Match Compability Report

Each of us has a personal birth chart that records where the planets were at the time when we were born. As long as we are lone individuals, we are stuck with that chart. The placements and aspects of our natal birth chart will define our potential as individuals for the rest of our lives. Furthermore, the possible aspects and possible alignments of the planets in our birth chart are limited by where the planets actually were around the time when we were born.  It is not possible to have Jupiter conjunct Saturn in our birth charts when Jupiter and Saturn were on opposite sides of the solar system. (Over 25-page report)

Compatibility Composition Report

All of those limitations disappear when it comes to the composite chart between two people. Through the magic of two people’s charts coming together and combining, almost any combination, almost any destiny, is possible. By unifying with another person, the two of you can have a greater capacity to channel the planetary energies in the desired direction than was possible for either one of you alone. The two of you do have to submerge your individual egos to the extent necessary to form a partnership, but as long as the two of you remain linked as partners in that team, the planetary energies of its composite chart are at the disposal of both of you.

We may think that we are in charge when it comes to selecting another person to be our mate, but I am not so sure that is always the case. Some composite charts have so many synchronicities, so many close alignments of multiple planets, that they appear to be alchemical experiments orchestrated by Fate from the Other Side.

Changes in a relationship come from within and from the willingness of both individuals to adapt. These reports are not to predict the course of a relationship. They will highlight areas of potential challenge and can be used as a guide to determine whether a relationship is likely to be successful. The willingness and efforts of both parties go a long way in making any relationship successful. These reports can also be used to understand the ethics and integrity of each person. (approx. 15-page report)

Compatible Numerology Report

The Compatible Numerology Report is a divine or mystical relationship between a series of numbers and one or more coinciding events. It is also the study of the numerical value of the letters in a name at birth, words, names, and ideas. It is often associated with the paranormal, alongside astrology and similar divinatory arts. The Compatible Numerology Reports is an extremely accurate detailed report that compares the numeric values of two souls as it relates to their Life Paths, Expression, Hearts’ Desire, and Personality, with Personal Forecast Compatibility for the months ahead (over 50-page report).


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