Co-Creator God’s Responsibilities

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When a soul chooses to come to Earth and train to become a Co-Creator God, it is because of their love and their continued desire to serve God with their entire being. Earth is a Spiritual Training School designed to train all souls in becoming a Co-Creator God. The soul loses all recollection of their prior achievements. They receive a conscious mind to create, a subconscious mind to store all their truths, and all of God’s characteristics stored in their subconscious mind. There are many aspects of each of these gifts, which is the soul’s responsibility, through life experiences, to learn the functionality of each of these gifts. Through life experiences, incarnating through different genders, nationalities, religions, and cultures, a soul learns God’s wisdom. The soul also learns all aspects of Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order, and unity for the good of all and the oneness of creation.

Through the various stages of soul development, the soul will eventually learn to act God-like in every moment. Acting God-like is being selfless and not selfish, always serving others before themself. Accepting all soul as they are regardless of which stage of soul development, the soul is in training. God always puts others before himself, opening the door for others, the last person to leave a room, the last person to sit down, offering his seat on a bus or subway.

Always allowing others to go before him regardless of the situation.

Acting God-like, the soul learns never to accept Second Best in the soul’s creation process. God deserves the best, always. God never settles for second best. When a soul is in the creation process, Universal Mind will offer the soul second best, compared to what the soul is desiring. If a soul is searching for their perfect house, the soul will find a home with only a few of the features the soul is desiring.

Offering second best is a Universal Mind tactic to see if the soul knows what the soul desires and what the soul wants and are committed to receiving the best.

When the soul knows right from wrong and still takes the wrong action, retribution is almost immediate.

This one reason why similar friends commit transgressional acts and do not get caught by authorities and others are caught immediately, the souls caught are the ones who it is wrong.

Eventually, Karma comes to all.

When Karma comes to you, and you are unaware of when you created the cause, accept the life experience of what the Karma is creating in your life. Nothing could happen to a person unless they initiated the cause. Therefore, Jesus taught if you are slapped on one cheek of your face, also offer the other cheek. Meaning, if you deserved a second slap, you would receive it. However, if you do not deserve the second slap, you will not receive the second slap. It is imperative to forgive the person who is being used by Universal Mind to execute the Karma due to you. Nothing can happen to a soul unless the soul has created the cause. If something is stolen from your home, you may know the thief but cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Your only course of action is to use the Universal Law of Forgiveness. Whose sins you shall forgive, your sins are forgiven.

Whose sins you cannot forgive, then your sins are not forgiven. Only you can forgive your own sins when you forgive another soul who has trespassed against you.

It is the soul’s responsibility to become a Co-Creator God to always discipline their thinking in every moment. Universal Mind is monitoring every thought, word, and deed expressed by every soul.

Discipline your thinking by not being judgmental, unloving, vengeful, manipulative, and hateful. Every hair on your head is numbered, and every conscious thought the soul expresses is recorded. Always do unto others what you desire to be done unto you.

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