The Golden Age

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On 21 December 2012, our solar system finished its orbit around the Galactic Center, a journey of 25,920 miles. The completion of this journey is what the Mayans were referring to as the end of one of their many calendars. When our solar system finished this journey, Earth transitioned from a 3rd Dimension conscious awareness environment to a 5th Dimension conscious awareness environment. The Earth was beginning to vibrate at a higher rate of frequency. In doing so, the souls living on Earth will also have to vibrate at this new higher frequency or else leave this planet and transition to a dimension which will be suitable to the frequency they are vibrating at and experience life in that environment.

I am sure we all can agree since December 2012, more souls on this planet are becoming more consciously aware of what is happening on Earth as it relates to the environment, economic conditions, wars, migrating immigrants, drugs, corruption in governments and financial institutions.

The differences between a 3rd and 5th Dimension conscious awareness environment are as follows. 3rd Dimension consciousness supports the birth, death and rebirth cycle of souls and is mostly Fear Based, purposely design by those in control who feed off the Fear as Energy for their well being and to control the population. This is a jointly organized conscious effort by religions, governments, media and financial institutes on Earth. The Truths are withheld from the masses, division of nationalities is practiced to prevent souls from coming together pitting one nationality against another nationality, the wealth benefits those in charge, poverty is planned to keep the consciousness of the population distracted on fears, survival and disempowerment.  This also encourage a selfish consciousness for the soul, purposely promoting low vibrating frequency for each soul by those in charge of the planet, preventing the souls from being empowered and developing into a conscious spiritual being.

5th Dimension Conscious awareness ends the birth, death and rebirth cycle as souls have learned to experience life out of love for self and to respect Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of ALL.   When souls achieve this level of awareness, they finish the wiring of their DNA from having 46 chromosomes to 48 chromosomes.  This ALL represents all life forms as God has created all life and we are ALL part of this Oneness in God’s Kingdoms. Death is unnecessary as all souls respect all life and live in harmony and peace for the benefit all life.

There are many 3rd Dimension planets in the Milky Way Galaxy where the souls currently on Earth will transition to that conscious environment. In addition, there are many souls on these 3rd Dimension Environment Planets who have graduated and are waiting to come to Earth. These souls are waiting until Earth is cleansed from all souls who have not earned the privilege to  remain in a 5th Dimension Frequency.  The souls who have earned the right to coexist with others souls of like mind, want to incarnate in an environment where parents are vibrating at a 5th Dimension or higher frequency where these incoming souls will be guaranteed to be nurtured in a loving, spiritual environment and taught the Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of ALL.

Currently, there are 6.8 billion souls on Earth. We know the majority of these souls are not aware of Universal Laws and Principles of creation and attempting to live in harmony with the Oneness of Life. We also know our society is not designed for peace and the wellbeing of humanity. We know there appears to be corruption in government, religions, media and financial institutions worldwide. So what will happen to erase the current mindset of those in charge and remove the old 3rd Dimension consciousness of selfishness, greed and corruption and transition Earth to the new 5th Dimension Consciousness of experiencing life out of love and peace for the Oneness of humanity.

Obviously a natural disaster will take place, removing all 3rd Dimension vibrating souls and removing structures not built for the wellbeing of humanity, remove those souls who have not learned to live accordingly with Universal Laws and Principles, the surviving souls will rebuild Earth in alignment with 5th Dimension conscious. Our Earth has experienced this realignment adjustment in the past, such as Noah’s Flood.

We will tell you The Golden Age is upon us. We will also tell you that the same cause of Noah’s Flood is currently in our solar system and is affecting the Earth now. What the governments of the world are calling Climate Change is the same force which is causing Climate Changes on other planets in our solar system.

80% of all the stars in the galaxies are binary stars which means there are two stars associated with each star or sun we see in the sky. These binary stars or suns orbit one another. Our binary stars orbit every 3,600 years, which coincides with Noah’s Flood on one of its previous orbit through our solar system. Of the two stars in the binary pair, one sun is bright and large and the other is dim and dwarf, not bright at all. Our sister dwarf star is in our solar system and causing Climate Changes currently on Earth. This Stars System is called NIBIRU.

NIBIRU is seven times the size of Earth and when it passes Earth as it exits our solar system it will cause a magnetic pull on our North and South Poles to be relocated elsewhere on Earth.  The relocation of our Poles, North and South, has happened many times in Earth’s past.  The shifting of the poles will take less than one hour, causing the oceans to slosh back and forth causing water levels around the world to rise over 600 feet.  Antarctica currently has ice thousands of feet high on its continent.  When this continent is relocated in a warmer environment, the sea levels around the world will rise.  Winds will also increase up to speeds of 200 to 300 miles per hour, causing hurricanes and tropical storms, much like during Noah’s Flood but worse.

There are many prophecies predicting this cataclysmic event but the one that seems to refer to a date is in the Third Secret of Fatima where on October 13, 1917, which was the last of six appearances to the children of Fatima by the Lady of Fatima. The Catholic Church has not released the contents of the 3rd Secret of Fatima. The 100th anniversary will be next year. Those who read the letter and sworn to secrecy indicates the cataclysmic event will happen on or before October 2017, most likely around the time of 100th anniversary.

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