The Golden Age – Overcoming the Birth-Death-Rebirth Cycle

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Greetings, Sisters and Brothers in this Spiritual Training School,

On 21 December 2012, your solar system finished a journey of 25,920 years around the Galactic Center, and Earth transitioned from a 3rd Dimension to a 5th Dimension vibrational frequency planet. Earth vibrating at a 5th Dimension frequency means every soul on Earth must also vibrate at the 5th Dimension frequency level within their thoughts, words, and actions. Souls who cannot vibrate to the higher frequency and elevate their soul development in a positive and loving existence with other souls will be removed. These souls will reincarnate under new parents who will guide them into developing a caring and cooperating spirit with other souls in this Earth Spiritual Training School.

Since 21 December 2012, not only is Earth vibrating at a higher vibrational frequency, but Earth started at the beginning of The Golden Age, where souls no longer must go through the birth-death-birth cycle but can live to be over 1,000 years old.  Of course, there are actions the souls must take to guarantee this existence.  The soul must keep its physical body free from all diseases.  A healthy conscious eating and drinking diet will accomplish by keeping the physical body in an alkaline environment

After maintaining an alkaline environment in the body, the soul must keep its Light Body clean.  Keeping the Light Body clean is done through The Prayer to Remove Emotional Parasites from your Light Body. Emotional parasites are feelings of fears, guilt, unhealthy low esteem thoughts of self, abusive behavior projected onto the soul from another, and any harmful thoughts and feelings within the soul’s mind. 

Then the soul must protect itself from any negative entities who may or not be malicious but who are attached to the soul and will influence the soul of unhealthy thoughts, words, and actions.  These negative entities are souls who refused to move to the next level of soul development after their death.   These deceased souls will attach to a loved one for various reasons, out of love, insecurity of what will happen in their next level of soul development, or as they enjoyed the sensual nature here on Earth. 

Finally, the soul must attune to the Heart and Mind of God Frequency within their brain.  Universal Mind is constantly communicating with each soul in every moment.  The soul only tunes to this frequency when searching for a solution to a challenging life experience. 

See this page to learn more and access a free 5-part video series on The Golden Age and Overcoming the Birth-Death-Rebirth Cycle:

Connecting with Your Spiritual Teachers

Try this guided meditation to assist the soul in preparing their consciousness in aligning with Universal Laws and Principles in understanding the workings of the Universe in connecting with their Spiritual Teachers.

guided meditation - heal the light body - by tim doyle the path to oness the golden ones

Learn more and download the guided meditation

Become an Ascended Master

Having these tools available does not mean the soul does not have to embrace its purpose in life.  Earth is a Spiritual Training School, administered by the Co-Creator God, The Golden Ones, and sanctioned by the Galactic Council, and each soul has chosen to come to Earth to train in becoming a Co-Creator God.  As you apply these tools and you see the results of this teaching, hopefully, it will encourage you to accept who you are, a child of God, created in His image and likeness, one and the same.

You may also book a free consultation call with me if you’d like to learn more about the path to ascension and how it can help you grow – spiritually, mentally and physically. 

I hope you enjoy reading our articles and newsletters. Please feel free to write back to me if you have any questions.

Much Love, Light, Success, Support, and ONENESS,
💖 Tim Doyle 🌟

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