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All souls are created in the image and likeness of God.  Male and Female he created them.  Each soul has both feminine and masculine aspects within them.  The feminine aspect is connected to the Heart of God, Emotions, and the masculine aspect is connected to the mind of God, Logic. When the soul is created, all God’s Characteristics are embedded in the soul’s Light Body. However, these God Characteristics are in their Raw Emotional Form.  These God Characteristics are activated when the soul comes to Earth to serve God with their entire being, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  The soul’s purpose in coming to this Earth Spiritual Training School is to train to become a Co-Creator God.  The soul’s training agenda requires learning wisdom and disciplining these Human Raw Emotions and transitioning these Raw Emotions into God Feelings, such as from impatience to patience, from hate to love, from fear to faith.

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Our Solar System is one of the many hundreds of billion Solar System located in the Milky Way Galaxy.  Each solar system has many planets within The Milky Way Galaxy, which means there are possibly trillions of planets within the Milky Way Galaxy alone.  It has been confirmed that there are over 200 hundred billion galaxies in our Universe, with each galaxy having a possibility of over a trillion planets within each galaxy.

Within our own Milky Way Galaxy, our planet Earth is one of a possible 200 hundred trillion planets.  Our Earth is a Spiritual Training School for developing Co-Creator Gods to assist in the administration of these billions of solar systems just like The Golden Ones are assigned to be the administrators of this Earth Spiritual Training School.

Like all training schools on Earth, such as military training schools, police academy training schools, FBI academy training schools, various academic and religious training facilities, there is security force to prevent just anyone from entering these training facilities.  The same for this Spiritual Training School.  This training school is orchestrated by the Galactic Council and is represented by various Spiritual leaders from different Solar Systems within the Milky Way Galaxy.  The security of this spiritual training school is conducted by the Ashtar Command, a Universal Space Force Program to prevent any interference from outside aliens from penetrating this Earth Spiritual Training school without a designated purpose to enhance the spiritual development of all the souls within this spiritual training school.

Within this spiritual training school, each soul has Free-Will in developing the God Characteristics embedded within the soul at the time of their creation.  These God Characteristics are in their raw emotional form and must be transition from human emotions into God Feelings through the souls’ various carnations and life experiences, learning wisdom, through many different roles and genders.  Universal Energies are constantly connected to each soul orchestrating the soul’s life experiences based on how the soul uses their intentions in manifesting their realities.

There are many purposely planned training obstacles in this spiritual training school.  The primary obstacle is Archangel Lucifer whose Spiritual purpose is to ensure any soul ascending through this spiritual training school has overcome all temptations of the human raw emotions embedded in the Light Body of the soul.  Archangel Lucifer will use all forms of temptation to entice souls to indulge in the Sensual Natures of this Earth Spiritual Training School.  Tempting these souls with fame, power, money, fulfilling their sensual fantasies, only if they pledge their alliance in service to Archangel Lucifer by selling their soul and performing religious sacrifices for his glory.  Archangel Lucifer followers will use fear tactics, abusiveness, corruption in maintaining their power within their roles as political and government officials, corporate executives in various industries, and self-proclaimed religious leaders.

Each soul is connected to Universal Energy.  Universal Energy is located as a frequency with the mind of the soul.  Universal Energy guides the soul in the working of Universal Laws which determines the life experiences of each soul.  It is the responsibility of the soul to connect to this frequency within their mind.  The Ascension Master Program is designed to assist the soul in connecting to this frequency.  The soul must overcome the FEAR factor, a tool used by Archangel Lucifer’s Army, which prevents the soul from their spiritual development.

The Conscious Mind can only entertain one thought at a time, if the soul is thinking about a FEAR, then they cannot be thinking about their dreams, desires, and responsibilities.  The soul’s spinal column is an antenna, when the soul is happy and feeling good, most of the chromosomes in the spinal column vibrate and become activated, attracting Universal Forces to provide the life experiences to facilitate the soul’s dreams and desires.  When the soul is thinking of fear, the chromosomes are barely activated, and there is little vibratory signally to attract the Universal Forces to facilitate their dreams and desires.

The soul must develop their own wisdom, based on their own learned life experiences and not believe what corrupt political and government officials, industrial executives, and self-proclaimed religious leaders dictate what is the truth.  The biggest corrupt truth dictated to the souls in this spiritual training school is Jesus being the only son of God who came to Earth to remove the sins of souls.  Jesus was a human who learned wisdom through his many carnations and ascended as a Co-Creator God, the destiny for all souls on Earth.  There is no such thing as sin.  No one is born into this spiritual training school with sin.  No one commits a sin if they do not attend religious services on prescribed certain days and does not contribute 10 % of their salary to support these organizations who proclaim men to be more important than women.  Another word for sin is Karma.  Karma is created when a soul abuses any life form created by Universal Energy and does not align the expression of their energies in accordance with Universal Laws for the good of all and the Oneness of Creation.

The teaching that Jesus is the only son of God is designed to prevent the soul from believing in their purpose in this spiritual training school that all souls come here to learn they are God Beings, training to become Co-Creator Gods.  We know that each soul can use their Conscious Mind to create, we know that each soul can remove fears within seconds from their Subconscious Mind with the Prayer to Remove Emotional Parasite on the mentioned website.  We know the soul can maintain a healthy body by regulating the alkaline/acid ratio within their body, and we know the soul can protect itself from Archangel Lucifer’s negative forces with the Prayer of Protection.  So, the question is “Who is God?”.

The image of the soul within the mirror is God, the reflection of each soul.  Not some Supreme Being.  Not some powerful Spiritual Entity.  Every soul created in the image and likeness of God is a God Being, in their undisciplined form.  All souls are connected to Universal Energy that the governs and guides the development of each soul who desires to serve God by training to become a Co-Creator God.  This Universal Energy is connected to each soul in every moment and monitors the soul’s every intention.  This Universal Energy gives the soul a good feeling when the soul does a loving action towards another.  This Universal Energy also gives a soul an irritating feeling when the soul does an abusive action against another. If the soul’s intention is selfish, abusive, judgmental, and corrupt, a life experience will be orchestrated to provide a learning lesson for the soul to correct their selfish intentions.  If the soul’s intention is loving, compassionate, uplifting, supported of others, accepting others as they are, a life experience to facilitate the soul’s dreams and desires will be orchestrated. 

God is a Universal Energy that ensures that all of His creations developed in his image and likeness are disciplining their intentions and are aligned in accordance to Universal Laws of harmony, Balance, order, and Unity for the good of all and the Oneness of Creation.  This spiritual training school is teaching each soul to become aware of their intentions and understand the working of Universal Laws in the regulation of the workings of Creations.  It is mandatory that the soul learns to connect to the guiding frequency in their mind which will support the soul in their current spiritual path in this lifetime.  A soul does not need to experience the birth-death-rebirth process if they first learn to discipline their intentions and express their energies in loving actions to support the good of all and the Oneness of creation.

All souls must be aware to the false teaching that are brain washing our sisters and brothers by these corrupt officials.  We must still accept the soul journey of these corrupt souls who are in the early stage of their spiritual development in this Earth Spiritual Training School as they are still our sisters and brothers in the Oneness of Creation.  This is part of your soul training.  We do not have to love the personality of these uneducated souls, but we must accept these souls as our sisters and brothers in this oneness of Creation.  Universal Energy holds no animosity against any of these souls, regardless of their selfish action as The Law of Cause and Effect will train these souls to learn from their selfishness intentions and eventually become Co-Creator Gods in service to the Oneness of Creation.

Much Love and many Blessings,

The Golden Ones

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