Archangel Lucifer

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The Earth’s Spiritual Training School is populated by a collection of every plant, flower, bush, tree, insect, bird, mammal, animal, and any other form of life contributed by all Star Nations within the Milky Way Galaxy.   In addition, all sensual temptations are incorporated into this Spiritual Training School, food, drugs, sex, power, control, and money.  In this Spiritual Training School, every soul must learn to discipline all aspects of God’s Characteristics, mastering their thoughts, words, and actions, and being mindful of right action in every moment, and in alingment with Universal Laws and Principles, of harmony balance, order, and unity for the good of all and the ONENESS of Creation.

In this Earth Spiritual Training School, one of purpose of every soul is to master all the God Characteristics embedded in the soul’s Light Body.  These God Characteristics appear as raw emotions, anger, hate, greed, fear, and other undisciplined actions of all souls.  Another purpose of every soul is to discipline their thoughts, feelings, and actions in alignment with Universal Laws and Principles.  Mastering every aspect of their soul development is the purpose before souls can ascend from this Spiritual Training School and become a Co-Creator God.

Archangel Lucifer is a servant to God and is referred to as “Light Bearer”.   It is Archangel Lucifer’s responsibility to bring every soul into the Light.  Archangel Lucifer has the power to manifest anything on Earth instantly to any soul who surrender themselves to serve Satan, Devil or Archangel Lucifer, all are the same.  Archangel Lucifer has no power over any soul, the role of Archangel Lucifer is to use temptation to find any weakness in the character of a soul.  If any soul has the strength, discipline, fortitude, and perseverance to resist the temptation of Archangel Lucifer, then Archangel Lucifer has accomplished his mission of bringing that soul into the ‘LIGHT’.

Unfortunately, some souls believe Archangel Lucifer is God and worship him as such.  Archangel Lucifer is devoted to serving God to the BEST of his abilities.  There are many Archangels who have a specific role in God’s Creation, and Archangel Lucifer has been serving God for millions of years in his role.  Archangel Lucifer will not allow any soul to ascend until Archangel Lucifer has brought them into the LIGHT, that is why he is known as the “Light Bearer”.

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