Purpose of Karma

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Earth is a Spiritual Training School designed to train souls in becoming Co-Creator Gods. Part of the training agenda is to educate the soul on the workings of Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order, and unity for the good of ALL and the Oneness of Creation. Karma is the judge and jury deciding what is right and what is wrong when a soul’s thoughts, words, and deeds are not aligned with Universal Laws and Principles. Every soul coming to Earth to train to become a Co-Creator God has a training agenda and is monitored in every moment by Universal Mind. When a soul’s actions are not in alignment with Universal Laws and Principles, a Karma life experience is orchestrated for the sole purpose of educating the soul. Karma is not to punish a soul, only to educate the soul. There are no sins in this Spiritual Training School, just learning lessons. However, a soul may view their orchestrated Life Experiences as a punishment only because it seems unfair to the soul receiving the learning lesson.

In the initial stage of soul development, the soul has no learned experiences to access why bad experiences or good experiences are happening to them. Only after several incarnations does a soul realize that good life experiences happen to them when they conduct themselves responsibly. Little by little, carnations after carnations, the soul learns to be responsible for itself. Previously, the soul abused others to fulfill their sensual desires without considering the damage they have caused or for the welfare of others.

Only when the soul experiences the same abuse by another soul does the soul realize how thoughtless their abusive actions cause other souls.

Sometimes the soul will experience a life experience where the soul cannot determine why they are experiencing this life experience.

We will tell you; there are No Accidents and No Miracles in Earth’s Spiritual Training School. The sole purpose of a life experience is to either have the soul learn wisdom or repay a karmic debt. In every life experience, the soul must question, “What is my learning lesson in this life experience.” When a soul experiences a repayment of a Karmic debt by being abused by another soul, and the soul does not know when and how they were the Cause of creating the Karma debt, then the soul MUST go to Forgiveness.

The only person who can Forgive your Karmic debt is yourself. When a soul abuses you and you do not know the Cause, you know nothing can happen to you unless you have initially created the Cause. When this happens, the soul receiving the karmic life experience MUST go to Forgiveness to the soul transgressing against them.

The Universal Law states, whose sins you shall Forgive your sins are forgiven. Whose sins you cannot Forgive, then your karma debt is not Forgiven.

The Karmic learning life experience lesson will continue until the soul understands they must Forgive the person who currently abusing them.  No one can abuse you unless you were the initial Cause.

Constantly remind yourself who you are. You are Co-Creator Gods in training, and you have chosen to attend this Spiritual Training School on Earth based on your Love and dedication to serving God. Be mindful of your classmates who may be vibrating at a different frequency than you.

Their immature, arrogant, selfish, corrupt behavior is reflective of their stage of soul development. Be understanding, tolerant, accepting, and compassionate towards them, as this too is part of your training in perfecting the God Characteristics within you.

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