The Soul’s Learning Process

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The soul learns lessons through trial and error in this Spiritual Hierarchy Training school on Earth.  The coding of God characteristics are embedded in the Subconscious Mind of the soul.  This is where the statement from the bible refers to, “created in the image and likeness of God”.  A soul manifests a TRUTH and passes it through the soul’s Subconscious Mind to Universal Mind.   Universal Mind then evaluated the TRUTH and facilitates a response to the TRUTH.

The purpose of the Soul Learning Process is to educate the soul through learning from their experiences and their manifestations.  The Universal Mind is in contact with every soul in every moment.  When a soul manifests a TRUTH, it is passed to their Subconscious Mind.  This TRUTH interacts with Universal Mind and Universal Mind then evaluates the ingredients of this TRUTH.  The process works directly with Universal Principles.  Universe Principles works in harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of all.  In evaluating the ingredients of the soul’s TRUTH, Universal Mind will analyze the ingredients of the TRUTH and determine if the ingredients are in accordance to Universal Principles.  Universal Mind will evaluate the visualization, feelings and motive for the TRUTH.  If these ingredients are according to Universal Principles, Universal Mind will facilitate the TRUTH.

If the Ingredients of the TRUTH made by the soul are not in accordance with Universal Principles, Universal Mind may facilitate the TRUTH with a karmic lesson attached.  In facilitating a karmic lesson, Universal Mind will evaluate the God characteristics embedded in the soul and determine which karmic lesson is appropriate at the time for the development of the soul.  The purpose of the karmic lesson is not to punish the soul; but, through trial and error a soul will learn the necessary lessons.

For example, if a soul manifests stealing as a TRUTH and this Truth is passed through the Subconscious Mind to Universal Mind, Universal Mind, after evaluating the ingredients, will evaluate the development stage of the soul to determine which karmic lesson will best be facilitated for the development of the soul.  If the soul is in the early stages of development, the karmic lesson may not be imminent.  There is always a biological triggering mechanism within each soul that will warn the soul that their TRUTH, which they are about to manifest, is not in accordance to Universal Principles.  The soul can ignore this warning which is an uncomfortable nervous feeling that comes from the Subconscious Mind located in the Solar Plexus of the soul where the embedded God characteristics are located.  If the soul continuously ignores this warning, the severity of the karmic lesson is increased.

When the karmic lesson is facilitated by Universal Mind to the soul who committed the transgression act of stealing, the soul will then become a recipient of a similar transgression act against him.  This is where the saying, ‘An eye for an eye’ comes from.  When the soul commits the initial transgression act to steal, the ingredients of his TRUTH is about the soul’s selfish motives; the soul’s visualization, the soul’s feelings and the soul’s personal motive.  There are no concerns for the welfare of another which goes against Universal Principles.  Once the soul becomes the recipient of a similar transgression, he now feels the feelings of how it is to have a transgression against him.  Over time, the soul realizes it is not right to steal or commit any transgression act against another.

The timing of when Universal Mind will facilitate a karmic soul learning lesson depends on the development stage of the soul.  If the soul is in an advance stage of its learning, Universal Mind will facilitate an immediate karmic lesson.  The soul’s learning lesson may not occur in the same incarnation.  The reason for this is the soul may not be advance or able to handle the soul’s learning lesson necessary for his transgression.  The Universe will never give the soul an experience the soul cannot endure.  This is why it is difficult for the soul to understand why the soul is experiencing an experience where the soul cannot remember why an experience is happening.  

We tell you this so the soul starts to understand the process of this Spiritual Hierarchy Training School.  We want to encourage the soul in developing faith, trust, hope, discipline, perseverance and other God characteristics embedded within the soul to know that every experience for a soul is for their development.  To encourage the soul to trust the standards of Universal Principles and the training environment the soul is training in.  The soul is learning to become a Co-Creator God and the soul will be in training until he learns these principles.  The soul comes here as a Master Soul and will leave Earth as an Ascended Master, continuing the soul’s training at the next level in the soul’s learning process.

We will communicate the purpose of Light and Darkness in our next correspondence.

Constantly remind yourself as you play in the Play Ground of Life who you are and why you are here, you are Co-Creator Gods in training based on your dedicated love and service to God, completely.

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