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The subconscious mind is located above the navel in the third charka, the feeling, or light body. The subconscious mind contains all the believed or accepted truths of the soul. We say “accepted truths” as the soul’s truths may not be the reality of being right. A perfect example is when some people thought that the Earth was the center of the Universe. By believing this as a truth, this information is stored as a truth in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind does not verify facts. The verification of facts is the responsibility of the conscious mind. Once the conscious mind stores a believed truth into the subconscious mind, the subconscious mind will process the accepted truth as truth.

In addition to storing all believed truths, the subconscious mind also stores all memories and facts created by the conscious mind—names, ages, alphabets, multiplication tables, relationships, learned skills. Also, all fears, called emotional parasites, are stored on the light body in the subconscious mind.

Lost Teaching

Subconscious mind, located in the solar plexus, soul’s light body, stores the truths verified by the conscious mind, and coordinates with Universal Mind in manifesting the soul’s creations.

Here is the teaching lesson by the Golden Ones relating to the subconscious mind.

The wisdom of the soul is stored in the light body. However, Earth’s scientists will not acknowledge, or can they explain, what the light body is. For this lesson, we will refer to the soul’s light body as the soul’s subconscious mind. We remove all memories from the soul relating to their achievements before coming to Earth.

“This is necessary for the souls to learn the workings of the conscious mind, not only relying on their guidance being received from the Heart of God. The soul will master all aspects of God before their ascension as a Co-Creator God, which is through both the conscious and subconscious Mind of God and the Heart of God.
The soul does not have to remember events from prior lifetimes. What is important is the soul remembers the lessons learned, which is wisdom.”
“Once a lesson is learned, it never has to be learned again.  The lesson or Truth is stored in the Light Body for ever.”
“In the early stages of soul development, the Egoic Stage, the soul performs many unthinkable selfish acts and abuses against others. The soul eventually learns that these acts are not in alignment with Universal Law and learns the wisdom of their actions. We understand that the Spiritual Training School on Earth is not real; it is a playground where souls learn to become Co-Creator Gods. Yes, the soul feels real pain, sorrow, joys, and compassion, and each soul will create karma for their actions. This is to teach the soul the workings of Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order, and unity for the good of ALL and the ONENESS of Creation.”
“We told you the conscious mind is like a video recorder. The subconscious mind is the playback mode of the video recorder. The subconscious mind will store all believed and accepted truths. We say “accepted truths,” as the conscious mind may find something accurate and save it in the subconscious mind as truth, such as a concept the Earth is the center of the Universe. A soul believing this is true, and will store this truth in their subconscious mind. Other stored memories are learned skills, feelings of fear, guilt, traumatic events, haunting thoughts, and other limiting experiences. We say “limiting experiences,” as unhealthy stored memories prevent the soul from expressing their capability to the fullest. We refer to these thoughts and feelings as emotional parasites as they drain the soul of their life force. In the previous teaching, we explained how the soul could remove all limiting emotional parasites from their subconscious mind, or their light body.”

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