The Path to Ascension During Difficult Times and Global Catastrophe

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Dear Classmates in Earth’s Spiritual Training School,

In the last newsletter on February 26, I implied that “NIBIRU may now be within our solar system and has already affected the other planets in our solar system. The world’s governments know NIBIRU will cause Havoc on the Earth but will not warn the world’s people as the government has no means to avoid a mass panic of the population. The global elite already has underground bunkers with stored food, water, and other supplies to wait out the passing of NIBIRU. Take your precautions, and do not rely on the media or government to warn you of what is coming.”

I based my forecast of NIBIRU based on my observation of the moon and its rotation around the Earth. My last observation of the moon on February 28 was it was waning in its final stages of illumination by the Sun and appeared to be drifting away from the Earth in her orbit. I have not seen the moon since February 28. Is this normal? I do not believe so since it is supposed to be in half-moon status with a full moon on March 18.

There are many prophecies regarding three days of darkness coming to the Earth. Since NIBIRU is ten times the size of Earth, the three days of darkness occur when NIBIRU passes between the Sun and Earth. Be aware if Earth starts experiencing three days of darkness, NIBIRU will be affecting the Earth. There could be other anomalies causing the moon to be acting erratically other than NIBIRU. After the three days of darkness, you will have two weeks to prepare for the passing of NIBIRU.

The true story of the war in Ukraine is not what the media is reporting. There is nor reason for Russia to invade Ukraine unless there was a threat by the 25 biochemical labs in Ukraine stationed on the Russian border. President Trump reported on the corruption in Ukraine back in 2019. We know President Biden’s son, Hunter, was employed in Ukraine; Nancy Pelosi’s son and John Kerry’s son also worked for the oil companies in Ukraine. Please do not judge what is reported on what is happening in Ukraine. Our conscious mind can hold only one thought at a time. If we are thinking about the war in Ukraine, we can not be thinking about the desires we want to manifest in our lives. Stay positive and know God is in charge. Nothing could happen to a soul unless they created the karma they are receiving. Know the workings of Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order, and unity are constantly in motion.

In previous messages from us, The Golden Ones, we mentioned the importance of mastering your thinking. In this Earth Spiritual Training School, there are many tools available to assist the soul in becoming a Co-Creator God. By becoming aware of these tools and signs, the soul will find temporary comfort, strength, and encouragement along the way, which in itself is healing.

Many souls are attuned and recognize the tools and road signs in all the kingdoms on Earth, seen and unseen. Such as crystals, essential oils, plants and flowers, animals, sacred sites, ruins, Astrology, Numerology. There are also things not seen there, such as the soul’s intuition, spiritual guides, angels, dreams, and visitations from loved ones from the Star Nations.

I hope this information helps you rebuild what’s lost. When the soul learns to discipline their thinking, they become aware of the tools and road signs available to them.  The soul’s teacher and guides are constantly attempting to communicate with every one of you; however, the frequency of your mundane thinking is on a dense wavelength.  This wavelength is too low to hear our thoughts on a higher frequency when we attempt to communicate with you.  We tell you this at this time as each soul is now ready and capable of achieving the task of mastering their thinking.

Earth’s Spiritual Training School is a Free-will Universe. Our Spiritual Teachers and Guardian Angels can not assist us unless we ask for their assistance. There is no training school on Earth with no teachers to help the student, but you must ask. Same in this Earth’s Spiritual Training School, ask and you shall receive!!!!

Healing the Light Body

Try this guided meditation to assist the soul in healing the Light Body by removing unhealthy thoughts and feelings created by life experiences.

guided meditation - heal the light body - by tim doyle the path to oness the golden ones

Learn more and download the guided meditation

You may book a free consultation call with me if you think you need immediate support and would like to learn more and how you can grow – spiritually, mentally and physically as per your soul requirements. It is recommended to have an astrology and numerology report ready to better assist us in devising the best soul journey and meditation plan for your ascension. To book a free consultation, simply click the Consult with Tim button on our website. 

Constantly remind yourself as you play in the Playground of Life who you are and why you are here, you are Co-Creator Gods in training based on your dedicated love and service to God, completely.

Much Love, Success, Support, and Oneness on your Path,
💖 Tim Doyle  & The Golden Ones🌟

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Tim Doyle on the Dharma Junkie Podcast

To bring awareness on Attuning the Light Body for Spiritual Oneness Through the Teachings of The Golden Ones, to more seekers, I had an interview with Dharma Junkie. We discussed the channeled teachings of The Golden Ones to find one’s purpose in this Earth’s Spiritual Training School and to unlock your God Characteristics embedded within. I hope you enjoy our deep conversation!

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