Understanding Hauntings, Ghosts, and Trapped Souls and How to Protect Yourself and Assist these Souls to their Next Level of Development

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Namaste classmates in this Spiritual Training School,

In this Earth Spiritual Training School, administered by The Golden Ones, Free will is one of the most critical privileges given to a soul incarnating into this Spiritual Training School. Free will allows the soul to experiment with their newly acquired Conscious Mind to determine truths, knowledge, and wisdom through life experiences. Allows the soul to discern right from wrong and store wisdom learned in their Subconscious Mind and Light Body. The purpose of every soul incarnating to Earth is to train to become a Co-Creator God. It is not until later in the soul’s spiritual development do they realize their purpose in life.

Trapped Souls

One of the symptoms of trapped souls in a household, are feeling the presence someone in your home when no one is there: strange sounds or the moving of objects. Children have nightmares of ghosts or disturbances created by these trapped souls in their sleep. Humans are feeling the presence of someone standing behind them. Believing when you look in the mirror, you will see someone standing behind you. Finding yourself being influenced to behave out of character by desiring to drink, look at pornography, and indulge in unusual eating habits is also a symptom of soul attachments.

These trapped souls have no concept of time; or how to move to the next level of soul advancement. These trapped souls can be territorial, especially after a long time being trapped, believing humans are invading their space. They will migrate to a soul whose aura is bright or illuminating, like a moth to a flame, not knowing why but an intuitive action by the trapped soul believing the soul with the bright aura can assist them to the next level of soul development.

The most spiritual gift you can give these trapped souls is to assist them to their next level of soul development by saying the Prayer of Protection.

The following video helps in understanding Hauntings, Ghosts, and Trapped Souls and how to protect yourself and assist these souls to their next level of soul development:

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Prayer To Remove Emotional Parasites

Emotional parasites are conscious entities.  It is their responsibility to survive, they will interact with the soul’s conscious thinking, pretending to be the reasoning aspect of the soul and attempt to convince the soul not to remove these Emotional Parasites (feelings of fear, guilt, or any other sabotaging thoughts or feelings). 

Use this Prayer to Remove Emotional Parasites

(Now available in English, Spanish and Chinese)

Watch this video to learn How the Golden Ones channeled this Prayer over a 12 year period to me:

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Emotional parasites will use logic and reason in the conscious mind of the soul, attempting to reason with the soul, that this prayer will not work, attempting to convince the soul, the soul is being foolish for any other attempt, to convince the soul not to say this prayer.  These emotional parasites actually believe if you remove these ungod-like parasites, they will perish, which is not true.  However, the soul must remove these Emotional Parasites from their Light Body, which is preventing the soul from Ascending.

You may also book a free consultation call with me if you’d like to learn more and how you can grow – spiritually, mentally and physically as per your soul requirements. To book a free consultation, simply click the “Consult with Tim” button on our website. 

Constantly remind yourself as you play in the Playground of Life who you are and why you are here, you are Co-Creator Gods in training based on your dedicated love and service to God, completely.

Much Love, Success, Support, and Oneness on your Path,
Tim Doyle  & The Golden Ones

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