How to Play the Game of Life

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Greetings, Sisters and Brothers in this Spiritual Training School,

Every moment is a Spiritual Experience; however, this weekend brings to our attention the spiritual celebrations occurring worldwide, celebrating Easter, Passover, and the beginning of Ramadan. Participating in these spiritual activities with family and loved ones brings ONENESS in uniting Love and a deeper bonding within the family.

At the Spring Equinox, new life and a fresh beginning occur in nature with the warming of the air, foliage turning green, and the blossoming of the different trees to bring color into our lives. There is a balancing of light and darkness during the day and an increase in energy flow throughout the body.

There are wars in the world, hunger still plagues many countries, corrupt politicians are still in control, and there appears to be a lack of world leaders to give the people of Earth hope for the future. Corrupt leaders keeping the masses in a fear consciousness has always been the plan of the Dark Forces in this Spiritual Training School. Each soul must overcome these apparent negative life experiences, rise above all depressing forecasts, and know God is in charge of every life experience.

Karma plays a vital role worldwide, and it always has; however, if the corrupt media does not report the truth soon, this will change. Nothing can happen to a soul unless they have committed a Karmic injustice to another.

Be grateful for the gifts in your life as there is always someone experiencing a lesser life than what you are experiencing. Be thankful for your health and your loved ones who care for you. Be grateful for your monetary situation. Be thankful for your friends and loved ones. Be thankful for the good that blesses you. Above all, have compassion for those less fortunate, accept others as they are, and forgive all who have trespassed against you. 

We all are in training to become Co-Creator Gods. Sooner or later, you will have no choice but to act like God in every moment. God does not fear or have ill feelings of self and others, and is loving in every moment. It is your Destiney.

In this Earth Spiritual Training School, the soul is ALWAYS connected to the Heart and Mind of God. There is a frequency in the Brain of each soul, that attunes to the Mind of God in every moment. The Master Ascension Program teaches a technique to train the soul in tuning to this God Frequency. The soul can communicate directly to God, Universal Mind, and God is constantly communicating with each soul.

The Golden Ones have told you, you are more powerful than you think but you may not realize this until now.  You are Incredibly Powerful Beings, and you can heal yourselves by truly believing in it. Knowing you are Co-Creator Gods in training will allow you to vibrate at a higher rate.  Using the Prayer to Remove Emotional Parasites will keep your Light Body free from lower vibrations.  By now, knowing your soul’s mission reinforces the principles of being LOVE in every moment.

You have a Right and Left Brain. The right Brain denotes feminine qualities, Yin feeling thought patterns, and the Left Brain represents masculine qualities, Yang logic thought patterns.  Whole Brain or holistic thinking brings the Yin and the Yang, heart, and mind together in your decision making. In consciously doing so, it will assist the soul in understanding the motivation or intent of the energy, which amplifies the frequency of your DNA and bring your dreams alive sooner than you may believe.

You are Co-Creator Gods in training, and you have chosen to attend this Spiritual Training School on Earth based on your Love and dedication to serving God.  Constantly remind yourself who you are. Be mindful of your classmates who may be vibrating differently than you.  Their immature, arrogant, selfish, corrupt behavior is reflective of their stage of soul development. Be understanding, tolerant, accepting, and compassionate towards them, as this too is part of your training in perfecting the God Characteristics within you.

You may book a free consultation call with me if you’d like to learn more about the path to ascension and how it can help you grow – spiritually, mentally and physically. 

I hope you enjoy reading our articles and newsletters. Please feel free to write back to me if you have any questions.

Much Love, Success, Support, and Oneness on your Path,
💖 Tim Doyle  & The Golden Ones🌟

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It is a spiritual responsibility we all need to embrace to assist these souls in moving to their next level of soul advancement. 

How To Play The Game of Life – Beginner

This first book of teaching from The Golden Ones is intended for those walking their path and learning to trust their inner guidance. . When we were in the third-dimension consciousness we thought all we had to do is take a pill to take care of our needs. Now living in the fifth-dimension consciousness we are waking up to the fact that we need to be responsible for our actions. This book is about living in the fifth-dimension consciousness.

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