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Namaste classmates in this Spiritual Training School,

We have told you that embedded in the Light Body accessed through the Subconscious Mind of each soul are the God Characteristics.  When the soul made the choice to come to Earth, the Co-Creator Gods made man in the image and likeness of God.  Each soul was created with male and female characteristics.  The embedded characteristics of God have both the masculine and feminine qualities within each soul.  Each soul is an exact replica of our Creator God.

Many souls have graduated from the Spiritual Hierarchy Training School on Earth and have gone on to become Ascended Masters.  The soul must learn and accept the realization and responsibility of becoming a Co-Creator God.  Once the soul empowers itself with the acceptance and realization of becoming a Co-Creator God, the soul will have the motivating energy to fuel his manifestations.  This still requires the soul to align their thoughts, feelings and intentions according to Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order, and unity for the good of all and the Oneness of Creation.

One of the first steps is to keep the soul’s Light Body free from negative thoughts and feelings. Here’s the 3rd video about the Golden Age and how to clean the Light Body: 

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If you find yourself affected by negativity from others, remember that all souls in this spiritual classroom are working towards becoming Co-creator Gods. Many of them are unaware of the process and so you just have to be accepting and mindful of them. Be compassionate for where they are, we were there at one point in our soul development. Just be compassionate about them and accept them to where they are you don’t have to love the personality of these individuals that they’re expressing, all you have to do is love their soul with that in mind.

Once your soul has achieved this simple way of thinking, you’re ready to ascend! You’ll find better quality thinking, more love and success for sure!

The Oneness Store

The Oneness Store offers guide meditation courses to help you heal the light body, connect with your spiritual teachers, create prosperity and opens the path to advance from being the Masters to Ascended Masters.

You may also book a free consultation call with me if you’d like to learn more and how you can grow – spiritually, mentally and physically as per your soul requirements. It is recommended to have an astrology and numerology report ready to better assist us in devising the best soul journey and meditation plan for your ascension. To book a free consultation, simply click the Consult with Tim button on our website. 

Constantly remind yourself as you play in the Play Ground of Life who you are and why you are here, you are Co-Creator Gods in training based on your dedicated love and service to God, completely.

Much Love, Happiness and Blessings,
Tim Doyle  & The Golden Ones

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It is a spiritual responsibility we all need to embrace to assist these souls in moving to their next level of soul advancement.

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