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Namaste classmates in this Spiritual Training School,

Throughout the Universe, all thoughts, once completed, will manifest a reality.  As we explained previously, the Conscious Mind is the catalyst for formulating a thought; once the idea passes discernment and is satisfied by the soul, it is completed and passes to the Subconscious Mind, and the Subconscious Mind directly interacts with Universal Mind.  A soul can be planning a thought without completing the thought process.

The planning of a thought doesn’t create a completed thought until all the ingredients are included. When these planning thoughts are going through the Conscious Mind, there is no danger of these planning thoughts creating a possible karmic situation for the soul.   It would be advisable for each soul to understand the value of mastering the soul’s thinking. There is no possibility of allowing random thoughts to create a karmic experience for the soul, unless a vision, intention, and desire is attached to the random thought.

Meditation is a means to start to become aware of your thought process.  Remember, a focused mind will not allow random thoughts to interfere with conscious thinking.  This technique is good if the soul believes its thought process is scattered.  The purpose of meditating is to instill a discipline in how a soul becomes conscious of its thoughts.  When a soul becomes aware of their thoughts and understands how random thoughts appear in their thinking pattern, a more conscious awareness will develop in their thought patterns.  Through meditation, the soul must learn to discipline its thinking process, become aware of these random thoughts, and eliminate them from entering the soul’s Conscious Mind.  Meditation takes practice and is rewarding on many levels.

We want to mention that thoughts of doubt, fear, anxiety and uncertainty have no place in the Conscious Mind of a soul.  These thoughts need to be eliminated completely.  As a Co-Creator God, you must understand thoughts of this nature are in the soul’s learning process to assist the soul in overcoming these defeating thought patterns.  Universal Mind will not facilitate a reality or bring the soul’s desire into manifestation with these thought patterns without providing a karmic lesson.  Universal Mind knows that all souls are in training to become Co-Creator Gods, and Gods do not have doubts regarding their manifestations. “Let there be Light.”

When the soul learns to become aware of each thought, attuning to the God Frequency, entering their mind, the communication process with Universal Mind is direct and immediate.  When the soul has a question, a solution is given instantaneously by Universal Mind, and the soul will be aware of the answer.  The process is immediate as the soul’s question is facilitated immediately by Universal Mind since all the ingredients are present – Harmony, Balance, Order, and Unity for the good of ALL. This process happens automatically now, but with an undisciplined awareness, the soul never hears the response from Universal Mind.

The Law of Forgiveness educates the soul in learning how to remove their own sins from past transgressions.

Astrology and Numerology for Soul Development are two unique processes that empower the soul on who they are and their compatible relations to another in marriage, business, or partnership. 

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Create Prosperity and Abundancy in Your Life

This guided meditation assists the soul in preparing their consciousness in aligning with Universal Laws and Principles in understanding the workings of the Universe in creating Prosperity and Abundancy in their life.  The Universe desires the BEST for each soul.  The souls must believe they deserve the BEST.

You may also book a free consultation call with me if you’d like to learn more and how you can grow – spiritually, mentally and physically as per your soul requirements. To book a free consultation, simply click the Consult with Tim button on our website. 

Constantly remind yourself as you play in the Playground of Life who you are and why you are here, you are Co-Creator Gods in training based on your dedicated love and service to God, completely.

Much Love, Success, Support, and Oneness on your Path,
Tim Doyle  & The Golden Ones

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