All 12 astrological constellations are assigned to a particular Astrological House of the soul. The characteristics of that constellation will influence the life experiences of the soul. The location of the Sun, Moon, and planets of the Solar System in these constellations at the time of birth will affect the life experiences of the soul. The characteristics of that constellation will represent the soul’s emotional side, their feelings, intuition and memories.

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A detailed, accurate Astrology and Numerology Report will provide you with a complete ‘Blueprint’ of your soul’s abilities and challenges in this current carnation.

In this article, let us learn about the characteristics of the Soul’s Moon Sign. In Astrology, The Sun Sign represents the soul’s personality and the Moon Sign represents the Soul’s Emotions. Usually, the Sun and Moon are located in different houses in the Soul’s 12 psychological aspects.

Moon in Aries – ♈

Individual freedom and self-expression are important to you, and you are full of new ideas.  However, although you may be good at working up enthusiasm in others to carry your ideas through, you often lack the patience and perseverance to carry through on a project alone.  You are likely to promise a great deal and then not be able to deliver when the time arrives.

In your career you are attracted to positions of authority, and you often achieve them.  Be sure you’re not all talk and no action, or you will find yourself in a position that you are not qualified for.  Pay close attention to details and learn to apply yourself to one specific path and not get distracted along the way.  Otherwise you may find that you have to struggle to hold onto a high position in life once you have achieved it.

Moon in Aries people are also known for their fiery tempers, although you quickly get over it.  Be careful that you don’t become self-centered and conceited in your domestic life.  If you are not able to succeed in your chosen career, you may substitute repeated sexual “conquests.”  Your love life is not likely to be very stable.  Try to curb your impulsiveness and consider your partner’s needs in love relationships.

You have many friends, and they find your enthusiasm for life contagious.  You are usually the life of the party, and nothing seems to keep you down for very long.  Although you may be short on patience and prudence, you have lots of pride and self-esteem.

Moon in Taurus – ♉

With Moon in Taurus you will be somewhat stable emotionally, and you usually will not fall apart in times of emergency.  You have a highly developed common sense and exercise good judgment in most situations.  You have good control of your material resources, understanding the need to prepare for the inevitable rainy day.

You are strongly romantic and probably enjoy candlelight dinners with soft music.  Your lover will also be a close companion, and you will be a dependable mate–just be careful not to be too possessive.  You will always offer a sympathetic shoulder for a loved one to lean on.  Sometimes people with Moon in Taurus marry for social or financial status.  They appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy indulging in them.

Your family life is of utmost importance to you, and you will raise your children with traditional values.  Once you have given your word on a commitment, it can be taken to the bank.  Your family and friends are often a source of support to you, and you have a talent for negotiating successful contracts in business dealings.  If you do succeed, you will probably be generous with donations to community projects or other worthy causes.

You do not rush into love affairs, but rather let your head rule your heart.  Usually, you are able to retain good friendships with ex-lovers.  Lovers must relate to you truthfully, and you prefer the direct approach to conflict.  You do not anger easily, but once you do you are like the legendary bull before a red flag.  Once you have blown off steam, you return to your calm, collected self.

Moon in Gemini – ♊

You are highly imaginative and can channel this talent into creative work.  It is necessary that you maintain a steady rate of mental activity in order to avoid intellectual boredom.  This Moon placement favors education, and you would be both a good teacher and a sharp student.  It is difficult for you to limit yourself to one activity at a time, and you are constantly looking for new stimulating experiences.

In business you would do well with a strong, practical partner who could keep you grounded.  If you can find a partner that you can respect, you will not mind entrusting them with most of the decision-making in your business.  It is easier for you to adjust to adulthood if you were allowed plenty of freedom during childhood.  If this is denied you, you will probably respond with a classical temper tantrum.  But you bounce back quickly and are quick to respond to any emergency.  You may seem fearless to others because you take chances that would be too frightening to them.

In your love life you have the ability to handle several relationships simultaneously without anyone getting hurt.  You require good communication with your lovers, and they must have a keen sense of humor.  A possessive partner would be a source of frustration for you, for you must be allowed to express yourself freely.  Be sure your partner is aware of your needs and respects them.

You are not known for your stability, and you need a partner who can understand your dual nature.  If you have such a mate, you may not feel the need to lie in order to avoid confrontations.  This can be a bad habit of yours.  As you age you will retain a youthful look and behavior about you.  People with this Moon placement can succeed at “staying young forever.”

Moon in Cancer – ♋

The Moon is quite comfortable in this sign, since it rules Cancer.  You are truly a “Moonchild” and are subject to mood changes which accompany the changes in the moon’s phases.  Your home life is very important to you, and you do all you can to make it as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

The Moon also rules habits and memories from our past.  You may be quite possessive of cherished objects (or persons).  As a parent, you are quite nurturing and attentive–but be careful not to be too possessive.  You lavish loved ones with favors and then are disappointed when they do not reciprocate in kind.

When you are hurt you are prone to sulking.  You may even attempt to inflict guilt feelings on those who have hurt you (whether intentionally or not).  You do not hesitate to use tears or a self-sacrificial attitude to get your point across.  This highly emotional behavior can put a strain on your personal as well as professional relationships.

It is likely that you will prepare well for your retirement.  Yet persons with Moon in Cancer often try to recapture their youth when they exceed the age of 40.  After 50 they may become self-indulgent, and at 60 they begin to wonder if this old age they have prepared for will ever come.  They enjoy being grandparents and see it as a further investment in the future.

You have a shrewd way of making money easily.  Real estate is an especially good area for you to invest in.  You would also do well in a business run from your home.  Be careful of your natural tendency to put on weight and to retain water.

In your love life you are a very sympathetic and understanding partner.  Early in life you probably attracted persons who were emotionally unstable and drained your energy.  As you grow older you learn to avoid such people and to resist the temptation to be an emotional doormat for others.  It is possible that you will maintain several relationships at once.  This is more because of your inability to cut ties with your past than your need for variety.

Moon in Leo – ♌

With your Moon in Leo you are warm, loving and outgoing.  Your favorite relationships are those which encourage mutual growth–whether they be love relationships, friendships or business partnerships.  You are not afraid to meet others halfway in order to accomplish this.

With this Moon placement you are highly idealistic and should exercise discrimination in choosing your friends and lovers.  Don’t settle for less than what you want in your personal relationships.  Otherwise you will begin to resent the other person and to express disappointment in them.

You love children and may actually have difficulty cutting the apron strings when they grow up.  Your children know they are loved and will return your affection with the utmost respect.  They are inspired by your example, which encourages them to develop a healthy measure of self-confidence and optimism about life.

In business you usually emerge as a leader.  At the very least, you are capable of exercising authority in a benevolent fashion and therefore make a good supervisor.  Others respect you and are encouraged by your sense of pride in your work.  Just be sure you don’t take on too much responsibility.  Be willing to share some of the burden with others when needed.

Since you enjoy the social scene, you need a partner who is similarly inclined.  You love being the center of attention, as this is a great ego boost for you.  You enjoy the company of many varied friends, so your love partner must be able to look beyond petty jealousies and share you with the rest of the world.

Moon in Virgo – ♍

With the Moon in Virgo you are very conscious of keeping fit, both physically and mentally.  You respect physical fitness and could even become obsessed with it, overindulging in exercise routines and far out diets.  If this is the case with you, just be sure that you don’t push your obsession on others.  Remember, to each their own.

Mentally, Virgo Moons love to criticize and analyze everything.  They will not only freely express their own opinions, but will also criticize others’ opinions as well.  Unless this leads to bigotry and single-mindedness, people with this Moon placement can be very intellectually stimulating.  They also enjoy taking part in local, or even national, politics or social issues.

You make good, stable business partners and are willing to work hard toward your goals.  Your ability to analyze and plan can make you a successful professional.

One drawback of this placement is the tendency to suffer in silence through unsatisfying relationships.  This only prolongs the misery and creates bitterness in the relationship.  Don’t be afraid to speak up when you are feeling unhappy.  It’s no fun being a martyr.

Moon in Libra – ♎

Persons with Moon in Libra are known for their charm and social grace, and they have a natural talent for winning friends and influencing people.  They use their good manners, kindness, and considerate nature to charm others and to make the right impression.

They present an image of total balance and harmony, but actually they perpetually struggle to achieve this impossible state.  They can never achieve it precisely because they can see all sides of the picture.  The scale cannot balance if it is constantly dipping from side to side.  As far as physical weaknesses, the main problem areas for natives of this Moon placement are the kidneys and allergies.

Moon in Libra brings with it an appreciation for the finer things in life.  Partly because of this, natives with this Moon placement do well in such professions as law, architecture, politics, the arts, and even homemaking.  Men with this placement are attracted to very gracious and feminine women.  Females with this placement usually find a good marriage in their life, although it may not be the first one.

Others often come to you for advice, and you do have a knack for helping to solve their problems.  Again, this is because you can see both sides of a situation clearly.  You also can apply the advice you give others to your own life with little difficulty, thereby learning from their mistakes so that you need not repeat them yourself.

You have a talent for rearranging your environment to make it more pleasant.  Just be sure your roommate or lover doesn’t mind you rearranging his or her world also.  You find life to be continually stimulating and exciting and should find a partner who has the same outlook.

Moon in Scorpio – ♏

Your emotions are very intense, and you often fluctuate between extremes–love and hate, sadness and happiness, etc.  It is difficult for you to totally understand your own emotional make-up because of its depth and complexity.  As a matter of fact, those friends, lovers and family members who are closest to you probably know you better than you know yourself.

In your relationships with others you can be very possessive and jealous, and you can become very cruel and vindictive if you are hurt.  You never forget a wrong that someone has done to you, and you will plot and plan–for years or decades, if necessary–to seek your revenge.  You often carry many such memories from childhood, and your entire life can be devoted to avenging the scars on your psyche from the many wounds you suffered during your early years.

Although you are intensely emotional, you project a perfectly cool exterior at all times.  It is difficult, though not impossible, for you to undergo emotional growth with Moon in Scorpio.  The strength of your emotions is too overwhelming to you, so that you are afraid to face the intensity within you.  So you live a life of secrecy and mystery, which makes it hard to establish many meaningful relationships.

People with this Moon placement often achieve success in life, but often success brings more problems than failure.  The issue of power over others (or others’ power over you) is a strong one in your life, and it is probably rooted in your relationship with your mother.  Although you may realize your dreams in this lifetime, you will also lose everything unless you learn the proper use of power.  Do not use others to achieve your own selfish ends.  If you do, you will live to regret it.

In your personal life, you have an ability to see through others’ pretenses and find the truth underneath.  You can use this talent in your relationships to identify and correct problems; just be sure to do it benevolently instead as a manipulation.  Sex is a very intense experience for you, and it is a valuable method of communication with your lover.  Just be sure your lover is looking for the same intensity that you are; some people may find it too much to handle.

Moon in Sagittarius – ♐

Persons with this moon placement know their own emotional make-up very well and are able to make required adjustments in life quite easily.  They have a strong sense of direction in life and set high goals for themselves.  Others are continually amazed as they set seemingly impossible goals for themselves and then go on to achieve them.  The only danger is that they will become ruthless in their pursuit of success and reach the top with no friends to congratulate them.

Although they are good at combining business with pleasure, when the chips are down business always wins out.  Lunar Sagittarians are eternally optimistic, even when they should be exercising caution instead.  They are often dedicated to philosophical causes and may even participate in non-political revolutionary practices at home or in the office.  They want to make a difference–to influence the lives of others.

Gambling is a potential problem with this Moon placement, and this is partially a result of overoptimism.  Natives may believe that they simply cannot lose and therefore take unconsidered risks.  Although they feel very lucky, they actually are not.

Romantically, persons with Moon in Sagittarius are great companions to their mates.  They need more than just sexual fulfillment from their partners–they require romance and spirituality.  If it is necessary to terminate a relationship, they do so quickly and cleanly without looking back.  They know something better is waiting just around the next corner.

Moon in Capricorn – ♑

With Moon in Capricorn you have a natural desire to rise to a position of power and fame and are willing to work hard for your accomplishments.  Once you have attained your goals you see your success as adequate compensation for the absence of personal relationships in your life.  The archetype associated with Capricorn is Ebenezer Scrooge of Dickens’ Christmas Carol.  Be careful not to let your drive for fame destroy your family or love life.  Those with Moon in Capricorn who are not fortunate enough to achieve fame and fortune become terribly frustrated and may even develop ill health as a result.

This is a difficult Moon placement for women, mostly because women have not traditionally been allowed to pursue their individual ambitions apart from that of homemaker and mother.  So women with Moon in Capricorn can project their drive and ambition onto their men or others that they consider superior to them.  In this case, there is a tendency for them to become martyrs to their family or a dominant business partner.

Many persons with the Moon in Capricorn have psychological problems in adulthood which are traceable to a bad relationship with the mother.  Men with this lunar placement often marry prominent women who can benefit their career, sacrificing the emotional satisfaction they also need.  Women also may marry for position and wealth, often sacrificing true love for the stability of an older man.

But whatever your choice, you will not rush into a relationship.  Instead you exercise great caution before making a commitment.  You need a loyal mate, one who can earn your respect and demonstrate their reliability.  You can be quite generous with your loved one by lavishing them with gifts, meals, special favors (or maybe financial support).  You seek sincerity in your sexual encounters, and would be most satisfied in a long-term relationship.  Like most Capricorn placements, this one gets better with age.

Moon in Aquarius – ♒

With your Moon in Aquarius you are highly imaginative and should direct this energy into creative channels.  You are very open-minded about the changing trends in society and can adapt quite easily.

Most of all you love to shock others with your opinions, which often violate taboos.  You can see the need for old arbitrary restrictions to be cast aside.  Freedom is very important to you, but you must sometimes remember to extend the same freedom to your partner.

You are a mixture of radical thought and conservative action and are sometimes plagued by anxiety and tension.  Often you take on others’ problems or causes without getting anything in return.

In relationships you seek a person who is somewhat unusual.  You look for a companion who can share many interests with you.  In business you need a stable partner who can make good practical use of your creative imagination and keep you grounded.  Metaphysics and occult sciences are also of interest to you.

The one drawback of this moon placement is a tendency to gossip and spread rumors.  Although this may be done with the best of intentions, you may not enjoy dealing with the consequences when you are identified as the source.  Physically, your areas of weakness are varicose veins, eye afflictions and ulcers on your legs.

Moon in Pisces – ♓

This Moon sign indicates strong intuitive and psychic qualities.  You should generally follow your intuition, although you may be afraid to do so, especially if you have unfavorable aspects to your Moon.  Emotionally you are extremely sensitive, and for this reason the Pisces Moon is more easily dealt with in a woman’s chart than in a man’s.

You care a great deal about others and seek to serve society as a whole in your own way.  Just remember to find time to take care of your own needs; don’t become a martyr to a cause.  You give love freely to others, and if you are not careful you may be deceived by people who would take advantage of your generosity.

With your ability to see all the flaws in society, you may feel like rejecting the world altogether.  Your life probably will not be one of the Cinderella or Prince Charming of your dreams, but you will eventually see that this is all part of your karmic experience in this lifetime.  Learn to think positively and be grateful for small gifts and talents as well as large ones.

You are not afraid to work hard for what you believe in, but you sometimes tend to overlook your own needs in the process.  Be sure not to drain yourself totally by giving all your energy to others.  This can lead to physical problems of your own, such as alcoholism, chronic cold or flu.  Don’t be ashamed to satisfy your own needs in life.

Since you are subject to wild swings in mood, you need a mate who is more stable than you are.  In turn you can give them pure, unselfish, transformative love and compassion.

If you’d like a more detailed and accurate reading, order the Soul Astrology and Numerology Report. This will provide you with a complete ‘Blueprint’ of your soul’s abilities and challenges in this current carnation. The Soul’s Journey Report is a blueprint of the positions of the sun, moon, planets, and constellation at the exact time of birth.  This report indicates how these celestial bodies affect the 12 houses of an individual – Self, Money, Mind, Family, Romance, Health, Relationships, Intimacy, Travel, Career, Friendships, Endings.  The report indicates the positive aspects and the challenging aspects the celestial bodies affect the individual.

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