Trapped Souls

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In this Earth Spiritual Training School, administered by The Golden Ones, Free will is one of the most critical privileges given to a soul incarnating into this Spiritual Training School. Free will allows the soul to experiment with their newly acquired Conscious Mind to determine truths, knowledge, and wisdom through life experiences. Allows the soul to discern right from wrong and store wisdom learned in their Subconscious Mind and Light Body. The purpose of every soul incarnating to Earth is to train to become a Co-Creator God. It is not until later in the soul’s spiritual development do they realize their purpose in life.

Free will also plays a role in the soul’s life at the time of death. Souls have a choice whether to move on at the time of death or stay behind for various reasons. After the death of a soul, the soul has three days to reconcile its current carnation and move to the next level of soul advancement. Or else be trapped on Earth until an opportunity comes when an educated spiritual development spiritual person knows how to release these trapped souls. Learning to release and free these trapped souls is one of the greatest gifts a person can do for a trapped soul.

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The Prayer of Protection is a prayer that will release a trapped soul or protect a soul from any negative energies attempting to attach or influence a soul. These trapped souls do not realize they are trapped, and they will connect to a soul who has similar emotional addictions, such as drinking, drugs, or emotional instabilities. Sometimes these trapped souls are emotionally attached to their Earth families and refuse to move on. If these trapped souls were caretakers of children, they would attach to these children for emotional security. 

Symptoms of trapped souls in a household by a human are feeling the presence of a trapped soul in your home: strange sounds or the moving of objects. Children have nightmares of ghosts or disturbances created by these trapped souls in their sleep. Humans are feeling the presence of someone standing behind them. Believing when you look in the mirror, you will see someone standing behind you. Finding yourself being influenced to behave out of character by desiring to drink, look at pornography, and indulge in unusual eating habits is also a symptom of soul attachments. These trapped souls have no concept of time; or how to move to the next level of soul advancement. These trapped souls can be territorial, especially after a long time being trapped, believing humans are invading their space. They will migrate to a soul whose aura is bright or illuminating, like a moth to a flame, not knowing why but an intuitive action by the trapped soul.

The most spiritual gift you can give these trapped souls is to assist them to their next level of soul development by saying the Prayer of Protection.

Prayer of Protection

I surround myself in a circle of light and an armor of love,
in which nothing can remain and
through which nothing can penetrate unlike Divine Love itself.
I call upon my Loved Ones, The Golden Ones
to remove all energies and entities from my presence
whether they are malicious, deterrent, innocent, or ignorant
taking them to the Father for Light and liberation.
The Mother-Father God frees this soul
and frees these energies and entities,
and I AM accepts no reversal, individual or collectively
for the treatment of these energies and entities.
We thank you in the name of the Living God consciousness.

It is a spiritual responsibility we all need to embrace to assist these souls in moving to their next level of soul advancement. 

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