The Manifestation Process

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Prior to making the choice to come to Earth, the soul’s connection to Universal Mind was intuitive.  The soul’s life was a work of love and dedicated service to God using innate intelligence, same as the animal kingdom.  Scientists call the intelligence of the animal kingdom “instinct”, but the truth is the animal kingdom uses innate intelligence and is directly connected to Universal Mind.

The Universe is constantly evolving, expanding and multiplying.  There are many dimensions and realities that exist throughout billions of galaxies in the heavens.  The heavens operate entirely under the principle of harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of all.  Every galaxy requires an over seer to facilitate the operations of their galaxy.  Where there are angels to serve God, there are also Co-Creator Gods to assist God in these other galaxies.  The angels are not creators; they are administrators of God’s laws.  They govern themselves by innate intelligence with love and dedicated serve to God, completely.

When a soul decides to come to Earth, it is by choice to become a Co-Creator God and knowing they will be created in the image and likeness of God.  The capability for reasoning and Free-Will was not available to the soul prior to coming to Earth, just innate intelligence.  The soul’s entire being was and still is in dedicated service for the love of God, completely.  When a soul is in training to become a Co-Creator God, the soul receives access to a Conscious Mind.  With this Conscious Mind comes reasoning and Free-Will.  The metaphor of Adam and Eve eating an apple from the Tree of Knowledge is symbolic of the soul’s choice to gain wisdom through experience; knowledge is gained through experiences.  The correct use of knowledge is wisdom.  When Adam and Eve realized they were naked for the first time, this was indicative of the soul using their Conscious Mind for the first time, using reasoning and the five senses.

Earth is a Spiritual Training School sanctioned by the Galactic Council; a playground to experience the many laws of creation and to discern right from wrong through life’s experiences using Free-Will and Conscious Mind.  The dramas on Earth may seem real to each soul, while experiencing life, but the reality is, each soul is learning through these experiences.  Universal Mind orchestrates every experience for the soul based on the developing stage of the soul and their reaction to life’s experiences.  There is no death, just repeated performances based on previous life’s experiences.  There are no conscious memories of these previous carnations of life’s experiences as the soul’s ego and conscious mind is not disciplined yet to understand that these previous lives are not real.  The soul’s Subconscious Mind will understand and garnish the wisdom learned from each previous life’s experience.

What appears to be real is only a perception of the soul’s Conscious Mind.  As we have said, Conscious Mind uses the five senses in addition to reasoning or logic to determine what is real.  This is a major part of soul learning.  To determine what is really real, the Conscious Mind also has to integrate the Subconscious Mind, located in the Solar Plexus of the physical body of each soul.  The Subconscious Mind is also referred to as the Feeling Body or soul’s intuition.  The soul’s ego is the initial phase of using the Conscious Mind for self; self preservation, self interest, self satisfaction and self glory.  As the soul experiences life, eventually the realization comes to the soul that serving self is an isolate and lonely objective without internal soul satisfaction.  Through life’s experiences the soul learns, complete satisfaction comes when the soul’s is in service and their thinking is aligned with Universal Mind and all thoughts, words and deeds are in harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of all.

Again, you are never separated from the love of God.  The reasoning perception of the soul’s status while on Earth is greatly under estimated.  The soul does not yet understand their soul’s purpose on Earth yet and the complexity of aligning their thinking process in accordance to Universal Principles.  This is our work to bring these truths and learning tools to each soul for their understanding.

The Golden Ones

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