The Physical Body – A Biological Computer

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The Human Body is a biological computer, and it requires many natural components to maintain life in the body. The main requirement of the physical body is oxygen—the purer the oxygen, the better for the body. The next requirement priority for the physical body is sleep. The physical body benefits best in a sleep state that is peaceful and relaxing. The next requirement priority of the body is fluids, and water is the best fluid for the physical body in removing toxins and hydrating the body. The following required priority for the body is food.

The best food is a natural food, fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, and fish. All four is these required aspects are essential to maintain a healthy organic body. The physical body can go a few minutes without oxygen, less than 24 hours without sleep, five days without fluids, and several weeks without food.

Quality and longevity of life for the physical body depend on the quality of nourishment the soul provides for the body. Souls must learn to nourish the body based on the bodies designed to process organic and natural supplements from Nature. The soul must change their thinking and maintenance habits of not giving the body what the body wants but giving the body the ingredients necessary to maintain a healthy, disease-free environment for longevity and peace of mind for themselves and their Loved Ones. How a soul nourishes and maintains its body to the highest level determines its sperm and egg quality in determining the health and well-being of its offspring and family members.

Today, some scientists are keeping the dream alive. These thinkers believe genetic engineering, or the discovery of anti-aging drugs, could extend human life far beyond its natural course. Cambridge researcher Aubrey de Grey thinks there is no reason humans cannot live for at least 1,000 years.

Earth being a Spiritual Training School is designed to allow the soul to use Free-Will in discovering the wisdom of God’s Creation. Through trial and error in experiencing life, the soul eventually learns knowledge which is accumulated in their Light Body that develops into the Co-Creator God Being they are training to become.

Once the soul understands and embraces its purpose of training to become a Co-Creator God, it will be easier for the soul to grasp the function of their physical body as a gateway to becoming God Consciousness.

Discipline is the God Characteristic the soul must master in all aspects of their physical training agenda here on Earth. The Discipline of sensual desires. The Discipline of their thinking. The Discipline of their actions and Discipline of their words.

We will tell you The Golden Age is upon you, and life expectancy will be achieved to live to be 1,000 years. However, only those souls who have mastered Discipline will be allowed to share this life expectancy with like-minded souls.

Eventually, these physical bodies will be transcended into Light Bodies as the soul progresses on their Path to Co-Creator God Consciousness.

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