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When we pack our diet with anti-aging foods loaded with antioxidants, healthy fats and essential nutrients, our body will show its appreciation. Here are 11 of the best anti-aging foods to nourish your body for longevity.

Olive Oil

Not only do the monounsaturated fats contained in olive oil support healthy arteries and a healthy heart, but olive oil also contains polyphenols, a potent anti-oxidant that may help prevent a number of age-related diseases.  We recommend organic extra virgin olive oil for the most anti-aging bang for your buck.

Red Wine

That’s right, a glass of wine daily may indeed have a positive effect on your health due to its resveratrol content, a unique anti-oxidant that can help fight against diabetes, heart disease, and age-related memory loss.


The unique proteins in beans thicken and strengthen your hair cells, so you can enjoy a full head of hair as you lengthen your years. 🙂

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, a mineral which aids in the production of the anti-oxidant glutathione to help slow down the skin aging process.  Just 2 nuts a day will provide you with enough selenium to reap its anti-aging benefits.


Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which has been shown to support heart health and healthy cholesterol levels as you age.  Lycopene also acts as a natural sun block to keep skin youthful and protected from harmful UV rays.

Raspberries & Blueberries

These two berries contain important anti-oxidants to help offset inflammation and oxidative stress that contribute to skin aging and wrinkles.  Just one serving of either or these berries contains more anti-oxidants than 10 servings of most other fruits and vegetables!

Organic Eggs

Despite the bad rap eggs get because of their cholesterol content, which is based on completely erroneous science, eggs are rich in biotin and iron which help to promote healthy, youthful skin and hair.  Discard the white of the egg and eat only the yoke.  For vegetarians, the yoke is the only natural source of vitamin B-12 other than meat and dairy.

Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is an excellent source of 100 percent of the amino acids and minerals necessary to maintain a healthy body. Two tablespoons of bee pollen provide 100 percent of the daily requirement of all 22 amino acids, minerals. According to, bee pollen is considered so beneficial that the German Federal Minister of Health recognizes it as medicine. Advocates are quick to tout the benefits of this so-called superfood, saying it can:

  1. Relieve inflammation
  2. Work as an antioxidant
  3. Boost liver health
  4. Strengthen the immune system
  5. Work as a dietary supplement
  6. Ease symptoms of menopause
  7. Reduce stress
  8. Speed up healing


Avocados are high in fat with 60 per cent of this being monounsaturated fats, which research suggests helps to protect against heart disease and lower blood pressure. They are also an excellent source of potassium, folate and fibre, all of which benefit the heart and cardiovascular system.

Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi fruits are high in Vitamin C and dietary fiber and provide a variety of health benefits. This tart fruit can support heart health, digestive health, and immunity. The kiwi is a healthy choice of fruit and is rich with vitamins and antioxidants.  Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid is responsible for the growth and repair of body tissues as well as immune system support. In addition to vitamin C, kiwis contain a good amount of vitamin K.

9 Proven Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit

1. Kiwi Fruit Prevents Blood Clotting

2. Kiwi Fruit Can Help Asthma

3. Kiwi Fruit Improves Digestion

4. Kiwi Fruit Helps Regulate Blood Pressure

5. Kiwi Fruit Supports Immune Function

6. Kiwi Fruit Reduces DNA Damage

7. Kiwi Fruit Prevents Vision Loss

8. Kiwi Fruit Fights Inflammation

9. Kiwi Fruit Improves Skin Health

Benefits of Kiwi Fruit for Weight Loss

Kiwis are among some of the best fruits to eat if you are looking to lose weight. They have a high water content, are low in calories, and have a good amount of fiber. This makes them perfect for a snack or as part of a breakfast smoothie. 

The high amount of vitamin C in kiwis is the key to weight reduction. Vitamin C helps control blood pressure, manages cholesterol levels, supports gut health, and supports immune function.

It also plays an important role in metabolizing fats. These are all important factors when embarking on a weight loss journey.

Kiwis have a low GI, meaning the sugar contained in the fruit is released more slowly. Because of this, kiwis can also help regulate blood sugar levels, reducing uneven blood sugar spikes. Foods high in dietary fiber promote weight loss by increasing the feeling of being full and supporting the digestive tract.

Kiwis contain both insoluble fiber and soluble fiber. The insoluble fiber (contained in the seeds) provides bulk and encourages the movement of stool through the digestive system. Soluble fiber is a gel-like substance that traps bile acid and as well as reduces blood cholesterol levels. Both of these types of fiber help digestive system health and prevent overeating when on a diet. 

Kiwis contain actinidin, an antioxidant that breaks down proteins in the body. This antioxidant is a great ally when dieting because it can help a sluggish digestive system. It helps digest proteins and can help those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.


1. Protects us from free radicals
2. It thins your blood
3. Prevention of atherosclerosis
4. It acts like an oxygen mask
5. It prevents arthritis
6. Fights erectile dysfunction
7. Fights heart disease and prostate cancer
8. Pomegranate is loaded with beneficial nutrients
9. It improves memory
10. It lowers blood pressure
11. Helps in digestion
12. Boosts immunity
13. Lowers stress levels
14. Prevent plaque formation
15. Strengthen bones and athletic performance
16. A natural fertility booster

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