Mastering Your Thinking

Mastering Your Thinking

Throughout the Universe all thoughts, once completed, will manifest a reality.  As we explained previously, the Conscious Mind is the catalyst for formulating a TRUTH; once the TRUTH is completed it passes to the Subconscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind...


The Co-Creator Gods, designers of this classroom (school) of life course, have provided many tools and road signs to assist you along the way.  This was done so no soul ever felt lost, abandoned, neglected or not cared for.  These Co-Creator Gods understand the...
Temptation and Darkness

Temptation and Darkness

All sensual temptations of the Milky Way Galaxy are placed in the Spiritual Hierarchy Training School on Earth for the soul to learn from and develop discipline.  All creations are from God. This includes what the soul may call evil, negative and darkness.  All Dark...

Conscious Mind (Part II)

We want to continue discussing the process of a soul’s Conscious Mind.  We mentioned the soul uses Conscious Mind along with reasoning, feelings, intentions and visualization to determine whether or not the soul intend to bring into manifestation their needs, desires,...

Conscious Mind (Part I)

We talked previously about Earth being a ‘Play Ground’ for each soul’s learning and we want to expand about this.   When the soul first incarnated to Earth they received a Conscious Mind. The purpose of the newly received Conscious Mind is for the soul to learn how to...

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