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The Co-Creator Gods, designers of this classroom (school) of life course, have provided many tools and road signs to assist you along the way.  This was done so no soul ever felt lost, abandoned, neglected or not cared for.  These Co-Creator Gods understand the challenges the soul will endure in learning to use the Conscious Mind for survival and their personal needs may be threatened, but we want to reassure you this is all part of the training.  You are never alone, you will never be abandoned, and you are not lost.  Be at peace and know that Spiritual Teachers are with each soul every step of the way.  Understand you are learning to adjust the thinking process of using the Conscious Mind for manifesting your material needs to aligning your thinking process according to Universal Principles and using the Conscious Mind to manifest both your material and spiritual needs.

In previous messages from us, The Golden Ones, we mentioned the importance of mastering your thinking.  The first major step the soul must comprehend is disciplining their thinking.  This is the critical step necessary for the soul in making the transition from manifesting material needs to manifesting their spiritual needs.  This step is necessary so the soul can start to attune his awareness to the many tools and road signs available to them in this classroom of life.  By becoming aware of these tools and signs, the soul will find temporary comfort, strength and encouragement along the way, which in itself is a healing.  Many souls are already attuned and recognize these tools and signs which are in all the kingdoms on Earth, seen and unseen; such as crystals, essential oils, plants and flowers, animals, sacred sites, ruins, Astrology, Numerology and synchronicity of people and events appearing in their life.  There are also things not seen that are there, such as the souls intuition, spiritual guides, angels, dreams and visitations from love ones from the Star Nations.

When the soul learns to discipline their thinking, they become aware of the tools and road signs that are purposely places and available to them.  The soul’s teacher and guides are constantly attempting to communicate with each and every one of you; however, the frequency of your mundane thinking is on a dense wavelength.  This wavelength is too low to hear our thoughts which are on a higher frequency when we attempt to communicate with you.  We tell you this at this time as each soul is now ready and capable of achieving the task of mastering their thinking.  The Earth moved from the 3rd Dimension reality to the 5thDimension reality on 21 December 2012 and a shift took place in the Earth’s rotation around the Galactic Center.  Earth and the entire Milky Way Galaxy were upgraded.  It has been 25,920 years since Earth has experienced this position in the heavens.  With this transition to the 5th Dimension and the Earth slowly shifting axis creates a faster pulsating pattern on Earth, the Conscious Mind is now capable of receiving this higher frequency transmission of thought from their spiritual guides.  Each soul will see this happening all around them, as the soul’s intuitiveness increases with more accuracy.  Disciplining your thinking and becoming aware of your thoughts will speed this process and allow your personal dreams and manifestations to become a reality when you remove these sabotaging thought patterns which are currently preventing these manifestations.

You may ask why the Co-Creator Gods want the soul’s personal dreams and manifestation to become a reality in the life of a soul.  When the soul learns to remove the negative, fearful, doubting and sabotaging thoughts from their thinking patterns, the soul’s thoughts will manifest their dreams much faster.  The Co-Creator Gods know that learning to align their thoughts with Universal Principles of harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of ALL is a major transition a soul must accomplish.

We will communicate regarding the purpose of trials and tribulations in our next correspondence.

Constantly remind yourself as you play in the Play Ground of Life who you are and why you are here, you are Co-Creator Gods in training based on your dedicated love and service to God, completely.

The Golden Ones

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