Conscious Mind (Part II)

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We want to continue discussing the process of a soul’s Conscious Mind.  We mentioned the soul uses Conscious Mind along with reasoning, feelings, intentions and visualization to determine whether or not the soul intend to bring into manifestation their needs, desires, dreams and pleasures.  This process takes place simultaneously with the soul being unconscious and unaware of their actions. When the soul is conscious of this process, there is an understanding of its importance to furthering the soul’s role as a Co-Creator God, making the manifestation more powerful, direct and to happen quicker.

It is important to know, that feelings are an extremely important part of determining whether a manifestation becomes a reality or not.  Feelings are enhanced during the visualization process and the soul can then feel the pleasure of the manifestation as they are visualizing. This feeling portion of the process energizes and activates the Truth being passed to the Subconscious Mind.  The Subconscious Mind then interacts with Universal Mind. The ingredients of this pure TRUTH works together with the Universal Mind, facilitating the manifestation of this TRUTH and rewards the soul with harmonious reciprocal experiences throughout the soul’s life’s experiences.

However, if there is any wavering, doubt, fears or anxieties associated with the soul’s manifestation process, then these ingredients will also be passed to the Subconscious Mind and eventually to Universal Mind.  Universal Mind will not facilitate a TRUTH with these ingredients.  The manifestation lacks the ingredients to bring this into manifestation.

If the soul’s manifestation process is for intentions or reasons that are selfish, self preservation, greed or harmful to another, then these ingredients will also be passed to the Subconscious Mind and eventually to Universal Mind.  The Universal Mind will facilitate the manifestation of this TRUTH with these ingredients, creating a karma experience for the soul to learn from.  The learning experience may or may not be instant, depending on the understanding and awareness of the individual soul’s actions.

If the soul is an advanced soul, with an understanding that attempting to manifest a TRUTH with ingredients which are for selfish intentions and not in the best interest for unity for all, Universal Mind will facilitate a karma learning lesson immediately for the soul.

If the soul is not as advanced, and the soul manifests a Truth with ingredients which are for selfish intentions and not in the best interest for unity for all, Universal Mind will facilitate a Karma learning lesson for the soul when the soul is capable of handling the experience.  We must remember that God is not here to punish any soul for their thinking, but to educate them in the process of aligning their thinking when manifestation occurs with or in accordance to Universal principles of harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of all.  Based on the ingredients of the TRUTH manifested by the soul which is passed to the soul’s Subconscious Mind, Universal Mind will determine whether the soul’s manifestation process was based on ignorance or not.

This is the reason why a soul will experience the EFFECT of a karma life learning process, and it happens without an awareness of when the soul manifested the CAUSE of the experience.  The cause might have happened many previous incarnations.  When this scenario happens in a soul’s learning process, the best action the soul can take is to graciously accept the karma lesson learned and forgive themselves for manifesting the ‘cause’ in the first place.

Universal Mind will facilitate a Karma life learning process by using another soul to be the ‘Cause’ of the Karma lesson, so the soul receiving the ‘effect’ can be the recipient of the lesson.  For example, when a soul steals from another soul, the soul who does the stealing is manifesting a ‘Cause’ in their own Karma process.  The soul who is being robbed is the recipient of the ‘Effect’ of their initial ‘Cause’ when it happened previously.  The Universal Mind facilitates this karma experience as learning lessons for both souls.

Remember, all of a soul‘s life learning experiences are individually facilitated by Universal Mind.  There are no accidents in the Spiritual Hierarchy Training School on Earth.  You are souls who have committed your entire dedication to this training environment.  You are the elite of the elite in the evolutionary process of a soul.  If you were not qualified to be here, your home Star system would not have allowed you to come and the Galactic Council would not have approved your entrances to this environment.  Constantly remind yourself as you live and play in the Play Ground of Life of whom you are and why you are here. You are Co-Creator Gods in training based on your dedicated love and service to God, completely.

We will continue our communications on the ego in our next talk.

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