Meditation Cure for Emotional Anxieties

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When a soul incarnates to Earth’s Spiritual Training School, ALL their God embedded characteristics are activated.  This includes a Conscious Mind, so the soul can learn to create like God.  Souls are training to become Co-Creator Gods.  What also is activated through Life’s Experiences are the raw Emotional Characteristics of God.  These raw Emotional God Characteristics are stored in the soul’s Light Body, which is the Subconscious Mind, 3rd Chakra of the soul.  These raw emotional characteristics must find a nerve pathway from the soul’s 3rd Chakra to the 7th Chakra, the Crown Chakra.  Once the raw emotional God Characteristic reaches the Crown Chakra, the raw emotional feeling transitions into a God Feeling, anger to peace, hate to love, impatience to patience, sad to happy, disgust to acceptance and many more.

The Subconscious Mind, 3rd Chakra, is the Solar Plexus and nerve center of the physical body.  These embedded raw emotions are God Characteristic and must find a pathway from the Nerve Center, Solar Plexus, to the Crown Chakra.  Through life’s experiences, these raw emotions are activated, which has control over the actions of the soul.  The soul realizes these raw emotions must be disciplined for the welfare of the soul.  Little by little the soul through many incarnations, learns to discipline these raw emotions and transitions these raw emotions into God Feelings.  What the soul does not understand is these raw emotion are seeking a nerve pathway to the brain, Crown Chakra.  As the raw emotion searches for the correct pathway to the brain, it causes a feeling of frustration, anxiety, and agony in the physical body of the soul.  The human brain is made up of an estimated 100 billion neurons making a total of 100 trillion neural connections.  As you can see, it may take some time for one raw emotion to find the correct pathway to the brain.

As these raw emotions continue their journey to the brain, the soul may feel any one of these raw emotions being activated as the raw emotion is not finding the correct pathway.  When the raw emotion is activated, and anger, hate, impatience, sadness, and disgust will create any one of these feelings within the soul.  Souls under medical treatment for the handling of these raw emotions or seeking psychoanalysis and psychiatrist treatment, will be instructed to punch a pillow, clean the bathroom, cut the grass, some form of physical energy to release the unwanted feelings caused by these raw emotions.  Approaching treatment in this manner, may provide temporary relief of the emotional feeling, but it does not assist the raw emotion to continue their journey to the brain.  These actions may delay the transition of these raw emotions for several incarnations.

The guidance below is a meditation which will assist the soul in overcoming any unhealthy emotional feelings within the body.  The difference between the meditation therapy and medical therapy is during the meditation the soul will encourage the raw emotion to find the correct nerve pathway to the brain.  Normally, this may take an hour, more or less, for the completion of this process.  However, the process is not comfortable, and the soul MUST endure the uncomfortable feeling until the process is complete.

  1. Spiritual Meditation is where the soul creates an atmosphere where they are protected from unwelcome outside forces, both physical and spiritual.  A seclude place where the soul will not be disturbed from family members.  A place where the soul can activate the raw emotion they desire to control and transition into a God Feeling.  A place where the soul can discipline their control over the unhealthy feelings caused by raw emotions.
  2.  It is best to find a secluded place to meditate, free from any disturbance.  A place to return to as often as possible.  Find a place to sit, that is comfortable and relaxing.
  3.  Light a candle, and center the candle in front of you, but not close.  The candle will play an important role with your meditation as you progress.
  4. Sitting comfortably, rest your hands on your lap with the palms up, and both feet flat on the ground.  Close your eyes.
  5. Always being your meditation with the Prayer of Protection.  Saying this pray will protect you from any forces unlike Divine Love.  Divine Love is the only energy that can exist in this meditative environment.


I surround myself in a circle of light and an armor of love,
in which nothing can remain and
through which nothing can penetrate unlike Divine Love itself.
I call upon my Loved Ones, The Golden Ones
to remove all energies and entities from my presence
whether they are malicious, deterrent, innocent or ignorant
taking them to the Father for Light and liberation.
The Mother Father God frees this soul
and frees these energies and entities,
and I AM accepts no reversal, individual or collectively
for the treatment of these energies and entities.
We thank you in the name of the Living God consciousness.
  1. If you are not use to meditating your initially meditative sessions may become restless within a few minutes.  This is common, as the body, like an inner child wants attention.  This will pass after a few practices meditations session as the body will surrender to the relaxation and quietness of the meditation session.
  2. Once in a meditative environment, activate the raw emotion that you desire to control.  If it is anger, think about a person, place, condition, or environment that angers you.  When the raw emotion is activated, you will feel the anger being activated with your body, DO NOTHING AND ALLOW THE ANGER TO FLOW THROUGH YOUR BODY.  As much as possible, do nothing but just feel the unhealthy feeling move through your body.  This is necessary until the raw emotion finds the correct nerve pathway to the brain. 
  3. Stay is this environment as long as possible; your spiritual teachers will intuitively guide you through the process. 

End the meditation session with a heartfelt prayer, in your own words, expressing appreciations for the love, protection, and guidance from your spiritual teachers.

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