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In this Spiritual Training School on Earth are you aware of your purpose in life?  Do you have a purpose?  Is your purpose to survive from one day to another?  Is your purpose to be a successful parent?  Is your Purpose to be a successful businessperson?  Is you purpose to be a successful community leader?  Is your purpose to be a successful political leader?  Is your purpose to be healthy?  Is your purpose to be Wealth? Is your purpose to be a spiritual person?  Do you know who you really are and what is your purpose in life?  In this very moment, you are a Co-Creator God in training and your purpose is to embrace and accept this reality.  Until you embrace your Co-Creator God TRUTH, your perception of your life’s experiences may make you believe you are a victim of life with no control over your future.

Every soul who comes to Earth’s Spiritual Training School has a training plan orchestrated by Universal Mind.  Based on your previous carnations, your wisdoms, fears, and your raw God Characteristics are stored in your subconscious mind.   Your training plan is for each soul to learn the wisdom of God, master their fears, and to transmute the raw emotional aspects of God into perfect God Feelings.   Wisdom is the wise use of knowledge.  When a soul fails in one moment, it is an opportunity to succeed in another moment, which develops wisdom.  Life challenges are not to punish a soul but an opportunity to develop wisdom.  Fears are intentionally presented to a soul until a soul learns mastery of fears.  Fears can take multitudes of lifetimes to overcome or can quickly be mastered by reviewing the 91st Teaching Lesson by The Golden Ones which is the Healing Powers of the Soul. 

Each carnation is designed to improve the development of the soul.  Universal Mind will build on previous carnations, based on wisdom learned, karma created, fears to confront,  emotions to experience with the opportunity to convert these raw emotions in God Feelings, and to learn about Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of ALL.

Are you a victim of your thinking?  Or are you a Master of your destiny?  Do you follow the advice of others or do you listen to your thoughts and feelings within your heart?  Do your thoughts control you or do you create solutions with your thoughts? Are you a leader or are you a follower?  There is a power within all of us, deep down inside every soul is the power to be, to be whatever the soul wants to be, each soul has a purpose in life.  You must believe in yourself.  Self-confidence comes from within and believing and embracing the truth of who you are as a Co-Creator God in training.   Be the God Consciousness always, more so in challenging life experiences, and ask yourself, “what would God do in this situation.”  Act out of love always, and then you will know How to play the Game of life.

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