We have told you that you came to Earth by choice.  It is the transformation process of a soul to come here when they reach that pinnacle point of their soul’s journey.  It is not an easy choice to make to come to Earth.  You would lose all memory of your previous accomplishments and feel feelings of being abandoned, isolated, unloved, lost, loneliness and forgotten.  These feelings have never been felt by the soul before, but each soul made the choice to come to Earth out of love and dedicated service to God.  You have always been and will be cared for, will always be loved and will always be connected to God.  You are the elite of the Universe, you have served and dedicated your soul to serve God to the highest of highs, and now you are here continuing your love and dedication.  We tell you this because we want you to always remember what is anchored deep inside you in the truth of your being, in your Subconscious Mind.  Your Conscious Mind is an aspect of your being, new to you since coming to Earth, because now you have Free-Will.

Each soul is now going through a metamorphosis, from ego man to Spiritual man for the sole purpose of becoming a Co-Creator God.  This process will take many of thousands of years, many incarnations through different nationalities, genders and social status.  The purpose is for each soul to gain wisdom,  develop and cultivate through life’s experiences,  the embedded God characteristics coded within the Subconscious Mind of each soul.  You are created in the image and likeness of God and these characteristics will become more apparent to you as you find no lasting satisfaction in the sensual pleasures and temptations on Earth, which is the ego self.  As you evolve in awareness and God consciousness through the service of others, the transformation from ego self will be apparent.  This will come naturally when you are ready, never force change.  Learn from your experiences, what feels good and what doesn’t feel good.  Your feelings are connected to your Subconscious Mind which is connected to Universal Mind.  Learn to trust your feelings; this is your True Nature even before you came to Earth.

We will talk more about ego man, Conscious Mind, Free-Will  and why it is necessary for each of you to first come here as an ego being, which is necessary during your metamorphosis process.

With deep love, appreciation and gratitude in support of your soul’s journey,

The Golden Ones

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