Guideline for Raising the Kundalini Energy

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  1. Determine a time and place within your immediate environment where you can regularly go to meditate. Besides a place for meditation, this place also needs to be available when the soul needs to relax and talk with their Spiritual Teachers.

  2. If possible, establish a place facing East, a position of new beginnings.

  3. Identify the same schedule time every day, where you will be consciously alert without interruptions from the phone, family members, pets, and outside noises.

  4. The chair you will be sitting in needs to be comfortable, not binding to any body parts.

  5. There needs to be a white candle lit before sitting down.

  6. Once sitting down, recite the Prayer of Protection, softly out loud.

  7. Your hand needs to be resting on your lap with palms open. Your thumb and ring finger needs to be touching.

  8. Your breathing is slow, inhaling down through the nostrils into the diaphragm and slowly exhaling through the nostrils with the mouth close.

  9. Your body needs to be relaxed. Breathing, as described in Step 8, will relax your body. Allow for a few moments of breathing before reciting The Prayer of Protection.

  10. The purpose of this guideline is not to directly raise the Kundalini Energy, however, the Kundalini Energy will be raised within the soul, when the soul’s sincere intention is to serve God, with their entire being and intends to be the BEST Co-Creator God in service for the ONENESS of CREATION. This intention MUST consume the entirety of the soul.

  11. Always start your meditation with the Prayer of Protection:
    “I surround myself in a circle of light and an armor of Love which nothing can remain, and nothing can penetrate unlike Divine Love itself. I ask my Loved ones to remove all energies and entities unlike Divine Love, taking them to the Father for Light and Liberation. The Mother-Father God frees this soul and frees these energies and entities and I accept no reversal of these energies individually or collectively for the treatments of these energies. We thank you in the name of the living God Consciousness. Amen”

  12. There will be many things happening to the soul during their meditation. Saying the ‘Prayer of Protection’ will reassure the soul if anything occurs during the meditation, it is from the Divine. Through this process of soul development, many things WILL happen to the soul. The soul must remain calm and confident throughout the entire process, regardless of what may occur inside, outside, and around the soul during their meditation.

  13. After saying the ‘Prayer of Protection’, allow any thought to be release in your mind’s eye. View the thoughts, bless the thoughts, and allow the thoughts to move on. There may be any obscene, negative, or vulgar thoughts appearing in your Mind’s eye, bless and allow the thoughts to move on. If for any reason, there are any negative thoughts attempting to influence your meditation, say the ‘Prayer to Remove Emotional Parasites’. Placing the left hand above the navel and the right hand on your heart, say these words: “This feeling is not mine, this feeling does not belong to me, I release this feeling in Love, now and forever. Amen.” Memorize this prayer as you will say it several times during your soul’s journey.

  14. Continue this meditation process until you feel all unloving thoughts have been released from your subconscious mind or Light Body. Once you feel at peace with yourself, repeat your intention to be a most perfect Co-Creator God in service to the ONENESS of Creation.

  15. Now focus your attention on a rising sun in the East, rising over the ocean and hold this image as long as possible. If your attention drifts from this image, bring your attention back to the rising sun over the ocean in the East.

  16. If during any of your meditation time, there is a feeling of frustration or anxiousness, terminate your meditation for the day and resume tomorrow.

  17. Remind yourself throughout the day what your purpose in life is: To be the BEST Co-Creator God in service to God and the ONENESS of creation. You must sincerely feel this devotion to God. Look to see where you can be assistance is assisting in any of God’s creation, in any of His kingdoms – mineral, plant, insect, animal, human, and angelic.

  18. Continue your meditation daily or twice a day, morning, and evening, if inspired too, but do not force.

  19. The first sign the Kundalini Energy will start moving is when you start seeing colors during your meditation, beautiful colors never seen on Earth. Seeing colors is an indication the Kundalini Energy is activating your Root Chakra. Again, stay relaxed, calm, and excited that you are on the right path.

  20. We remind you to stay calm during your meditations, as long as you say the Prayer of Protection at the beginning of each meditation, there need to be of any concerns what happens to you physically, mentally, or spiritually during your meditation, YOU WILL BE TESTED!!!!!!

  21. The next sign the Kundalini Energy is moving and opening your Chakras is when you feel very pleasant sensual feelings in your Second Chakra. Do not go to judgement on why this is happening, relax and allow the Kundalini Energy to open your Second Chakra.

  22. Remind yourself throughout the day what your purpose in life is: To be the BEST Co-Creator God in service to God and the ONENESS of creation. You must sincerely feel this devotion to God. Look for opportunities throughout you day to assist others, no need to be forceful, just a kind act of compassion towards another in this Spiritual Training School.

  23. Be observant in your daily life as the Kundalini Energy may interact with your daily practice, be observant, appreciative, and thankful when this occurs.

  24. The next sign the Kundalini Energy is moving is when you feel a pulsating vibration right below the heart. At first you may believe this is your heart pulsating, however it is your Solar Plexus, the Nerve Center of your body, the Subconscious Mind and The Light Body, ALL the same being activated. This may last for a week or more, be patient, stay calm and know you are being activated as a Co-Creator God in support of your purpose in life.

  25. The activation of the Heart, Throat, Mind’s Eye and Crown Chakra, the upper Chakras, is done ALL at once. As the pulsation in the Solar Plexus continues, you will feel an energy force entering your left palm and slowing move up your left arm. With the pulsating in your solar plexus and the energy moving up your left arm, you will start to hear a roaring noise in your right ear, the sound like a freight train may make. So now you have the energy moving up the left arm, the pulsation in the solar plexus, and the roaring noise in your ears. As the energy moving up your left arm reaches to the top of the shoulder, it enters the cavity of the body. When the energy enters the cavity of the body, the Kundalini Energy activates the heart, throat, and mind’s eye Chakra. The Mind’s Eye Chakra will now be activated by the Kundalini Energy that causes a brilliant white blinding phosphorus light, so brilliant bright, you will try to close your eyes to the light, but your eyes are already closed. As the Kundalini Energy moves to the Crown Chakra, you may feel yourself spiraling out of the body.

  26. Once you are out of the body, you travel by thoughts. If you have no destination in mind, it is best to return to your body with a gentle and loving thought.

  27. Be mindful of your fellow classmates in this Spiritual Training School on Earth. Not all your classmates are in the same spiritual development and will display unhealthy acts of abuse, greed, corruption, and other acts of ungodliness. Be accepting of your classmates regardless of what level of soul development they are displaying. This too is part of your training, be loving to ALL.

  28. This is the start of your spiritual journey. The next phase is the Ascension Master Program. It is a 28-day program to train the soul in attuning to the Heart and Mind of God, necessary to move to the next level of soul development.

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