Guided Meditation – The Creation Process

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The purpose of this Meditation Guidance is to assist the soul in aligning their intentions with Universal Mind in bringing their desires into Manifestation.

  1. Prepare the space where you will be conducting your meditation.
    • Quiet space free from outside disturbance.
    • Facing East, light a candle.
    • Comfortable chair with the back is straight, feet touching the ground, and hands palm up resting your lap.
    • Say the Prayer of Protection.


I surround myself in a circle of light and an armor of love,
in which nothing can remain and
through which nothing can penetrate unlike Divine Love itself.
I call upon my Loved Ones, The Golden Ones
to remove all energies and entities from my presence
whether they are malicious, deterrent, innocent or ignorant
taking them to the Father for Light and liberation.
The Mother Father God frees this soul
and frees these energies and entities,
and I AM accepts no reversal, individual or collectively
for the treatment of these energies and entities.
We thank you in the name of the Living God consciousness.

2. Mentally, connect with the intention you want to bring into manifestation.

3. Make sure the manifestation is practical, no rocket ship ride to the moon.

4. Do not be concerned about costs, or any limiting factors.

5. Know this Perfect manifestation is for the good of ALL and will bring satisfaction to ALL involved.

6. Visualize exactly how you see the final manifestation will look like. Know the Universe knows your intention and will provide a better expression of what you believe is the PERFECT manifestation.

7. Once you have visualized the PERFECT manifestation, now FEEL how everyone will be pleased with this manifestation.

8. See the joy in their hearts and the happiness in their life.

9. Know the Universe will synchronize all the elements of Nature to bring your Perfect manifestation into a reality.

10. When you speak these words, know you are sending this desire to your Subconscious Mind, and the Subconscious Mind will work with the Universe to synchronize your manifestations. “Mother God Father God, we thank you for this Creation.”

11. End the meditation with a prayer of appreciation and thankfulness to your Teachers, Angels, and Spiritual Guides for their assistance.

12. All souls are in training to become a Co-Creator God. Gods do not have doubts or concerns about what they are creating. When Universal Mind is coordinating with the soul’s Subconscious Mind, there can be no doubt or anxiety registered by the Conscious Mind when this Perfect manifestation is passed to the Subconscious Mind. If Universal Mind detects any doubt, the expression will not be manifested by Universal Mind.

13. Once you have completed this Manifestation Process, send a message to Universal Mind each day, indicating you are anticipating your Perfect manifestation to become a reality.

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