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In this Earth Spiritual Training School, the soul is NEVER alone, forgotten, or abandoned. Each soul has a Master Plan embedded in their soul, a path to become an Archangel or a Co-Creator God. Once the soul decides which path to take, Universal Laws will guide the soul through their process. When choosing to come to Earth, part of the indoctrination process is for the soul to lose all memories of prior existence. Earth is a Spiritual Training School where the soul MUST find all their answers to becoming a Co-Creator God by using the power within.

The soul learns through life’s experiences and trial and error what feels good and what feels wrong. Since Earth vibrates at a slower rate of frequency, the soul has time to change its decisions. In the higher vibrating frequencies, when a Co-Creator God says, “Let there be light!” it is instant. Since the soul is learning about Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order, and unity for the good of all and the ONENESS of Creation, the soul can contemplate their decisions and creations before they finalize their decision before committing an act of Karma.

The souls incarnating to Earth do not realize the power they have. They learn how to create out of necessity. The same power to create out of necessity is the same power to use for selfless actions.  Until the soul discovers the benefits of meditation, they align their energies with like-minded souls. Guardian Angels and other Spiritual Beings are available to assist each soul, but only if the soul asks for assistance. In your Earth Spiritual Training School, each soul has a guardian angel watching over them. This guardian angel can assist the soul if the soul knows how to communicate with its angel. All souls know that unsolicited advice is unacceptable, and Guardian Angels respect the soul’s free will. The soul has free will and chooses to do what they want to do. Like any other friend, a soul MUST ask for assistance before any advice or service is offered by their Guardian Angel or other Spiritual Beings.

To establish a personal relationship with your Guardian Angel, the soul must learn the name of their Guardian Angel. To learn the name of your Guardian Angel, close your eyes and pretend you just met a new friend from a distant land. Introduce yourself and ask your new friend what their name is? The first name that comes into your mind is the name of your Guardian Angel. Again, your Guardian Angel cannot assist the soul unless the soul asks for assistance. The best time to ask for help is before falling asleep.

If you have bad dreams or nightmares, ask your Guardian Angel to prevent these dreams from happening. Once you feel a rapport with your Guardian Angel, you can ask for other obstacles to be removed from your daily path. Be mindful; some obstacles and challenges are learning lessons to gain wisdom and self-confidence from using your powers from within.

Parents need to teach their children the importance of Guardian Angels, giving a child comfort in feeling secure and being taken care of when their loving parents are not available. Guardian Angels are extremely beneficial for children to understand there is a guiding force protecting them when their parents are not around, and when the child may feel insecure.  Knowing their Guardian Angel will always be with them, allows the child to feel secure in all moments. 

As the soul matures on its spiritual path and is custom to using its own power from within, the Guardian Angel is replaced by a Spiritual Master Teacher. However, Guardian Angels can still assist as part of the soul’s spiritual group. During challenging times, it is proper to ask your Guardian Angels for assistance. The BEST time to ask the Guardian Angels for help is before falling asleep at night.

The Guardian Angels will use numbers during the dream state to convey a message to the soul. Many websites on the Internet will assist in recommending an interpretation of the numbers in the dream. It is up to the soul to use their intuition to find the correct interpretation.

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