Temptation and Darkness

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All sensual temptations of the Milky Way Galaxy are placed in the Spiritual Hierarchy Training School on Earth for the soul to learn from and develop discipline.  All creations are from God. This includes what the soul may call evil, negative and darkness.  All Dark Energies, Evil and Negative Energies are also placed in the Spiritual Hierarchy Training School on Earth for the same reason, so the soul can learn to use their embedded God characteristics to overcome these forces.  We will refer to these as Dark energies or Darkness.

In training to become a Co-Creator God, the soul must learn to draw upon all the embedded God characteristics within the soul’s Subconscious Mind.  This is the purpose of the Darkness energies on Earth.  Light will always diminish Darkness.  Through the many incarnations a soul experiences, the soul’s Light Body is going to be tarnish and accumulate many Energy Distortions on their Light Body.  These Energy Distortions appear to be small sticky blotches on the Light Body which prevents the Light Body from vibrating to the soul’s highest potential. Only through a soul’s learning process can these sticky blotches be removed.

The soul will eventually learn that they have within themselves the ability to connect to the LIGHT to diminish all Darkness.  The sensual desires will eventually be diminished as the soul gains control of their passion and harnesses this energy in the manifestation accordingly to Universal Principles of harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of all.  We are not saying that sensual energies does not have their purpose, what we are saying is the soul will learn to harness these sensual energies and these sensual energies will not have dominion over the soul.  The soul will learn to use discipline, reasoning, purpose, understanding, patience, fortitude, knowledge and wisdom among other God characteristics to harness the sensual temptations in the Earth’s training environment.

The same is not true with Darkness. Light can only diminish Darkness. This is where the soul will learn to connect to the Light and draw upon the embedded God Characteristics of force, will, determination, love and authority to diminish the Darkness.  So you can see, all of these energies are necessary for the soul to learn to develop the embedded God characteristics within them.

We tell you this so the soul can understand who they are and the purpose of the soul’s many incarnations on Earth.  Once this is comprehended, purpose and understanding is given to the soul on their journey, empowering the soul to start utilizing their God characteristics within.  This alone will not make the learning any easier but it provides a better understanding, bringing comfort to the soul that there is a purpose for the many experiences the soul is experiencing.  With this understanding the soul will be more aware as they experience life’s experiences and accept their responsibility in the experience.  Too many times we see the soul not taking responsibility for the soul’s learning experiences.  We tell you again, each experience a soul experiences is orchestrated for that particular soul by Universal Mind.  Embrace the experience by seeking the reason for the experience from within by asking your higher self and then use wisdom and right action in handling the experience.

Constantly remind yourself as you play in the Play Ground of Life who you are and why you are here, you are Co-Creator Gods in training based on your dedicated love and service to God, completely.

The Golden Ones

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