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I came across a possible cure for skin cancer, Cansema Salve Deep Tissue from Alpha Omega Lab, which I ordered and used.  When I was younger, I spent as much time as possible in the sun, for hours.  Over the years, I have had bouts with the dermatologist to either cut or laser burn the small areas of skin cancer off my body which developed not only on my face but also on my arms.

Recently, a patch of skin cancer developed on my face about the size a little smaller than a dime.  I used my old developed formulate of baking soda and lemon combination to treat the affective area.  After watching this latest bout of skin cancer shrinking in size, which had taken at least four months, another possible remedy came to my attention.

Whenever I am looking for something, whether it is a remedy or a product or an end result of a situation or even an alternative to a simple solution, I always send my quest out to Universal Mind as a thought and wait for an answer.   I came across an article from a website which mention this salve as a possible cure for skin cancer.  (Please note: these claims have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA) I read a little about the product, read the posted reviews, and I determined it felt like a good investment.  Since it was an international order and it would take about 30 days for delivery, I decided to order the large size which was about $USD 60. 

Once I received this Cansema Salve Deep Tissue, I wanted to use the product immediately to see how it would affect the skin cancer still on my face.  While I really wanted to use this salve on the skin cancer still in the process of healing, I also had some skin blemishes below the surface of my face which are noticeable but though not threatening to my health.  After applying the salve to the apparent skin cancer area, I also used the salve to the other areas where I had blemishes, forehead, both left and right side of my cheeks and a previous treated area by a dermatologist which continued for many years after treatment to have peeling skin and to be itchy.

I applied the salve liberally on the areas,  my first mistake.  I did not read the directions.  My second mistake was leaving the salve on too long.  Again, I did not read the directions.  The salve is a deep rich black oily thick substance and you only need to apply a little on the specific area (not from reading the directions but from what I experienced).  The results were amazingly fast, within minutes, the black salve was immediately absorbed by the cancer area and blackened ALL the skin cancer areas, even the areas I thought were just blemishes. 

I left the salve on way too long as I applied it right before bedtime.  A few hours into my sleep I was awakened with a burning sensation in the area where I liberally applied the salve not just in the area of the skin cancer and blemishes but also the area around it.  In the area around the targeted affected area, had blistered and burned. 

Waking in the middle of the night, I was concerned about the burning so  I washed the area with warm soapy water and applied Lavender Oil on the affected burning area. Immediately the burning sensation was gone. My face was blistered in several areas as if I was in a cat fight. The scabs and blisters lasted about three days. Eventually, the skin on my face peeled and revealed a smooth clean face, with all the skin cancer and blemishes gone. 

It took about a month to completely heal.  After two weeks, my complexion was almost completely healed, skin cancer and blemishes 99% gone.  Now I use a combination of coconut oil mixed with Lavender Oil to keep my face  moisturized.  Coconut oil is one of the BEST oils to use on your skin.  Coconut oil will melt on the skin if you are using virgin cooking coconut oil.

Disclaimer: I highly recommend this product because it has worked so well for me. However, I am NOT a doctor so you should definitely check with your own dermatologist before using.

You can find out more information and can order from this website:

I do caution you that this is the only website I know that sells this original formula. Apparently, there are counterfeit sellers.

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