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Parasites are the cause of 40% to 75% of the bodies illness.  Four supplements for parasite treatments are Goldenseal, Garlic, Wormwood and Black Walnut.  These tinctures can be taken diluted in water and administered as applicable.  For some reason, parasites are most active right before the full moon.  Although the taste isn’t pleasant, it will remove the parasites from the body.

It is a common belief that parasites only affect residents of third world  countries. While they may be more at risk, residents of industrialized counties  such as the United States or Australia are also at risk of developing a  parasitic infection. The typical culprits behind parasitic infections are the  consumption of undercooked foods, disregard toward hygiene or a severely  weakened immune system which cannot withstand exposure to an unclean  environment.


  • Garlic is a potent antiseptic which herbalists believe to be a remedy against  parasitic infection. reports, “Garlic has been demonstrated to  kill parasites in test tubes and in animals. Older studies in humans support the  use of garlic to treat roundworm, pinworm and hookworm.” However, there have  been no conclusive studies as to why garlic rids the system of parasites.  Consume garlic in supplement form (tablet and capsules) and incorporate fresh  garlic into meals to receive its healing benefits.


  • Wormwood is an herb that is thought to counteract the growth and spread of an  intestinal parasitic infection. Sesquiterpene lactone is the active chemical  found in wormwood that provides the anti-parasitic benefits. The chemical is  said to weaken the hold which the parasites have on the intestines, in turn  allowing them to be flushed from the system. Sesquiterpene lactone contains a  high toxicity, which prevents direction consumption of wormwood in its natural  state. However, wormwood can be consumed in the forms of supplements and  tea.

Black Walnut

  • Black walnut is used as an herbal remedy to rid the body of parasites along  with fungal infections, such as yeast infection, jock itch and ringworm. Though  no medical studies have been carried out to prove its effectiveness, black  walnuts are said to infuse the bloodstream with oxygen, which in turn will allow  parasites to be carried away from the intestines and be rid from the body.  The nutmeat of black walnuts can be consumed in their natural state;  alternatively, you can choose to ingest them in supplement  form

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